Last week of the New Link Menus

Monday: Meatball sandwiches with baguette bread(4.32) and steamed broccoli (0.75) with a pat of butter (0.02.)   Dinner=$5.09.

Tuesday: We got lucky. Middle son had the cross country awards banquet–seniors to bring drinks. So, we brought a couple bottles of soda (on sale for 0.99 each) and ate a feast of pot luck foods and fried chicken. Youngest ate canned ravioli 0.69. So dinner cost $2.67. Woot!

Wednesday: Kids were gone, so I ate the meatballs and sauce leftover from Monday. No bread. And an orange. So no added cost.

Thursday: Big spread at mom’s house. Our contribution is Greek Salad: romaine lettuce $1.99, tomatoes $0.60, Feta cheese $1.00, half a red onion  $0.19, and Katamara olives that I got on sale 6 months ago $1.50-total for the salad-$5.28. We also brought cranberry relish: cranberries $0.99, orange $0.44, cup sugar $0.19-total for the relish $1.62 and 12 Cinnabons that I bought as a fund raiser for the Speech club $36. And yes, I know that $3.00 per cinnamon roll is ridiculous. I could make a whole batch for that. That $36 is not coming out of the food budget though, I took that money out of the extracurricular activity budget.

Total for Thursday: $6.90.

Friday: Kids were gone all day after breakfast. I ate leftovers all three meals–no extra $$$ spent.

Saturday:  Lunch was pork loin $8.46 (2 of them,) Corn & bean salad $3.36  and steamed green beans ($1.49) with butter ($0.04). spinach salad ( spinach 1.79, feta $1.00, tomatoes  $0.60, olives $1.50.) All of the leftovers still present in the fridge were also served and every bit was eaten. Yeah! Total: $18.18.

Appetizers: crackers (0.63) and brie (1.50) & crudités (0.38) and hummus ($1.00) and Merlot ($6.49) Total $10.00.

Dinner was chicken pizza $4.34

Most expensive day of the year so far–$32.52.

So even with the holiday, we only spent $ 324.18  well under the $497.00 alloted for a family of 3. See? Totally doable.


2 responses to “Last week of the New Link Menus

  1. Most expensive day of the year included us; thanks for the hospitality! And don’t forget Ella’s portion – surely at least $0.58 worth. 🙂 Love you!

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