As Soon As You Start To Judge

….another human, you have just lost your ability to help them.



7 responses to “As Soon As You Start To Judge

  1. An old Sufis saying goes, ‘To make a man a judge is to kill him without a knife’.

  2. Hi Fawn,

    I found you over at I loved your post there so came to check out you site.

    This short post packs a big punch and I love it! I also read some of your Food Stamp Challenge posts and those were very enlightening…makes me think of all the money I waste. We eat out far less that we used to, but I still spend a wicked amount of money at the grocery store for a family of just two.

    Looks like I have some work cut out for me! I’ve added your site to by blog feed so I’ll see new posts as they come out.


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  4. Thank you Fawn. That simple statement has helped me greatly this week 😉

  5. I do not remember who said it (I think it is some ancient latin philospher) but it goes along these lines:”As soon as you judge someone, you make youself part of the judgement”. I understood it as: by using the mind categories of judgement, you become limited to this mind structure. So ultimately, judgement is a self-limiting tool and it is as much about ourselves as it is about the person we judge.

    I am a very judgemental person, born in a very judgemental family but this saying has helped me greatly recently. Thinking that I do harm myself when I make judgement about others is a powerful motivation t not do it anymore. It is very selfish but more effective for me than just “trying to be a good person”. Also, I notice that the people that have entered my life recently are very non-judgemental. That might be the single most powerful help to change.

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