Lessons From the Couch: Surface

[first in a three-part series of reflections during an illness]


~ I must have my foot caught in a bear trap and the pry bar just out of my reach, before I will ask for help. And then, it’s just to hand me the pry bar. I’ll get my own damn foot out, thank you very much. This tendency may be my greatest weakness.

~ If I have a stroke while in the tub, and still have one working hand and can speak–I have identified three friends who would come over, drain the tub, dry me off and pull on yoga pants and a T-shirt before they called the paramedics, so I won’t have to leave the house naked. It’s good to know who these people are ahead of time.

~ Usually we are too busy to notice how the quality of light changes throughout the day from the same point of view. And how consistently beautiful it is. Or how soft the fur on a house cat. Or how comforting the vibration of a purr on an aching chest. There is a sweetness to the innocent observation of the world. It is astonishingly beautiful and ever-changing.


5 responses to “Lessons From the Couch: Surface

  1. Beautiful words!

  2. I love your second point. I feel that those scenarios show you who your truest friends are. However, with a husband who is a firefighter, I try to remember that first responders could care less about what you’re wearing or not wearing or the cleanliness of your house. As long as they can get to you relatively easy, you’re good to go…because they really do see it all and generally don’t care.

    I also like the mentioning of light changes. It’s funny because that’s one of the few things I really notice in movies. K-Pax is one of my favorite movies just because of their use of light.

    I hope you’re feeling better and glad that I was directed to your blog!

  3. Enjoyed your thoughts! Giggled at the bathtub, but how right you are. Miss you on SLN!

  4. I loved what you said about the observation of the world, just observing, experiencing and take in, not evaluating or analysing too much. My thing is looking at the clouds in the sky, it is just so increadibly beautiful!

  5. Fawn. I enjoy your sense of humor and it is remarkable that you can maintain that while sick! Happiness in all circumstances is a true gift.

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