Lessons From the Couch: The Deep

[part two in a three-part series of reflections during an illness]


~ We have a responsibility to care for what we invite into our lives: people, objects, intentions.  This means giving the relationships in our lives the love and attention to which they are entitled. It means not having so many objects in our homes that they gather dust or invite mice or some other material sign of our disinterest. It means clearing our minds of distractions so we are clear on our intentions and have the focus and energy to make them manifest.

~ It is an expression of our love for others to take only what we need from the table. And we need to continually evaluate the reality of the situation. If we try to take more than we need, we end up with an unsustainable situations like trying to maintain a pool in the desert. It is going to evaporate, and your well is going to go dry trying to fill it.

~If we view our lives as an exhilarating ride on a surfboard, we clearly see the advantage to being fit and flexible and unburdened.

~ My life has been out of balance for the past 2-3 years. I do not have to work so hard. Everything that I need shows up each day: The lessons I need to keep growing, our daily bread, opportunities to be of service. I do not have to work so hard.


3 responses to “Lessons From the Couch: The Deep

  1. Great reflections, sometimes illness is the body’s way of saying take a break and take the time to think about the things that matter…

  2. Working hard can be a learned life lesson. My dad used to say “Half the world’s work is done by people too sick to get out of bed.” I have come to wonder how badly that work may have been done.

    As a health care worker from the time I was 16, I learned well the lesson that “the patients will be here and you’d better be here too. You have a responsibility to them.” Again, true enough, but the consequence is that I have a lot of trouble spotting incipient illness in myself and heading it off. Sometimes I only recognize pain when I feel my nails digging into my palm, or hear myself saying I really don’t feel well.

    Balance is hard to achieve, but finding balance is work worth the effort.

  3. I read you reflections with a cup of coffee, on my couch, it was morning and sunny and it was a moment of pure joy, thank you for this Fawn. Clearing our mind from distractions to live a more purposeful life, taking only what we need from the table, so inspiring! I never thought along those lines and it resonates deeply with me. It guided me through the day.

    I am less clear about the responsibility we have towards people and things in our lives, but I am sure that any human interaction is a doorway to something deeper, an opportunity to grow, regardless of the identities of those involved. The harder they are the better (sigh)!

    Maybe working hard was really what was needed at some point of your life and it made you who you are now, a very successful women. In this sense, it should be celebrated. Maybe, it is not anymore what is needed, so it is just about shedding that old skin to discover what’s under and that will bring back balance in your life. Exciting!

    My life goal is to wake up every morning, curious and happy, awaiting what life wants to show me. I couldn’t be further from that right now, but as I said, it’s my life goal.

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