Lessons From the Couch: Source

[Third in a three part series of reflections during an illness.]


The simplification of our lives has the side benefit of making it more workable and easier, but at its essence it is a desire to return to beingness.

Resting in the source of who we are is the balance point. When we find it, all else is made whole.


4 responses to “Lessons From the Couch: Source

  1. Contentment with just being and having fewer things both mentally and physically competing with my time and emotions can make life much more pleasant. So glad you have recovered and on the mend. I am working on my perceived sense of control of things that I have no control of and not letting them affect my happiness.

  2. Beingness. Yes. Thank-you for being here.

  3. Yes. A deep longing of being there, in our lives, every single second of it.

    Not wasting our precious lives by being mentally away, caught up in our to-do-lists. The good news is we can do it right now, no need to wait until we reach the end of our to-do-list (I am talking to myself here because it is exactly what I am not doing).

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