Just when you are enjoying a thoughtful reverie, life intervenes and it is back to work.


Middle son is getting his wisdom teeth removed on April 14th. There are three, possibly four impacted teeth, which means that parts of the procedure fall under the dental insurance and parts of the procedure fall under medical insurance. The oral surgeon is charging us $2,262 for the privilege and the kid’s dad is responsible for half. If we pay cash on the day of surgery we get a 5% discount.

Which means that I need to come up with $1,131 cash on April 14th. I am starting today. I got a check in the mail from the insurance company for the original evaluation– $132.80 and youngest son needed a haircut, which I did in the kitchen with the hair clippers I have had for several years saving $18.00 including tip. Alright! $980.20 to go….


5 responses to “Ouch!

  1. Hi just lost my comment in cyberspace so hope I am not repeating this!
    We just went through this last week with my son. Due to complications it was done in hospital under a GA. We have a free hospital healthcare here in NZ. While free the waiting list was long. If it had been done in a private dental practice it would have cost!! .
    May the “money angels” drop some pennies from heaven for you 🙂

  2. TAlk to the oral surgeon’s billing office and ask for a discount based on a) what insurance would pay if you were insured, and b) your situation as the single mother of 3 teens.

    I did a letter to the oral surgeon who pulled my son’s wisdom teeth, after I saw the list price for xrays and what the insurance paid (about 1/6!). He got my letter on Yom Kippur and comped the rest of the bill – I had been paying $100 a month for a couple months.

  3. Oh, Lou. I do have insurance. Medical and Dental. I am paying my half of the bill on the day of surgery to get the 5% discount. I will get reimbursed…though, if my daughter’s surgery is anything to go by, it will take a couple, three months.

  4. I always cut my husband’s hair with clippers and a pair of scissors. I t saves money, time, and hassle. It is an easy way to save. I hope your son the best with his surgery. With a great Mom like you I am sure that every thing will go smoothly.

  5. i had 2 impacted wisdom teeth, oh that was painful. 2 phenobarbs was NOT enough !

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