Wisdom Teeth Progress

Here’s the progress I have made in coming up with the $1,131 up-front cost for middle son’s wisdom teeth surgery (I will get reimbursed from health insurance eventually, but we get a 5% discount if we pay the day of surgery.)

Sunday: I guess the warranty expired on our drinking glasses, as three of them have broken in the past week. We still have three left and six mugs, so I am not going to replace the drinking glasses. We have plenty of dishes to drink out of without resorting to just putting our open mouths under the running tap. Though middle son does that anyway. Money saved: $21.59. Middle son wanted a haircut- used my trusty Wahl clippers, saved $18.00.

Monday: The check for books I sold at the National Hospice conference came in. $82.50. I bought my entire summer wardrobe at Goodwill for $17.05. I will need to alter the skirt before I can wear it. Here’s what I bought, and what it would have cost if I bought it new:

Columbia T-shirt. Retails new for $30, though they are selling them on their website for $20 now. I paid $3.49, so savings of $16.51.

2014-03-13 17.03.54

Sheer dress shirt: I have seen something similar at TJ Maxx for $15.99, I paid $1.74, savings-$14.25.

2014-03-13 17.05.48

Caldwell Creek skirt: While my skirt may be twenty years old (guessing by the floral print) it is in like-new condition. I found a similar length floral print on sale at the Caldwell Creek website for $90. I paid 6.49 for my skirt. Savings-$83.51. I will have a future post about how I am altering it to suit my needs.

2014-03-13 17.04.39

Liz Claiborne top: Mine, new with tags still on it $3.49. From the JC Penny website, a similar top retails for $36, and is on-sale for $27. I saved $23.51.2014-03-13 17.04.15

Black sweater: I have bought similar items at TJ Maxx in past for $25.00. Mine was $3.49, saved $21.51.

2014-03-13 17.05.27

For the rest of my summer wardrobe, I will use the few items left from last year and also, I plan to cut off a pair of black jeans that are getting faded to make shorts.

Tuesday: Free movie (Girl Rising) on a topic dear to my heart. Plus I got to connect with some really cool people. If I had just gone to a show at the multiplex, it would have been $10.50 with out any of the bonuses. Youngest son came down with the same viral infection I had a month ago. Instead of progressing to pneumonia, his morphed into a bad cough with a total body rash. Itchy. So in addition to his antibiotic, he is taking the generic for Benadryl, that I had lying around the house. I could have bought more….but I let it get down to the last tablet…and then the rash was gone, saving me $4.31. Also, I got rear-ended a couple of weeks back–no physical harm to anyone involved and she has insurance, which is paying for the repair of my vehicle and a rental car while mine is in the shop. The rental car company tried to sell me some extra insurance, in case I crashed their car, at $10.59/day. No, thank you very much. Savings $31.77.

Wednesday: Canceled my fitness membership. Saved 19.99 for March and 19.99 in April. I will walk in the park near my home and walk to some of my errands and do body weight (push-ups, squats, etc.) exercises at home. Also, today, got a check from the consignment shop for an article of clothing they sold for me. $6.00

Thursday: I have been helping a friend with a big de-clutter project. It is a two-hour drive each way to the friend’s house. When I left today, she gave me $40.00 for gas.

$453.53 accumulated these past five days toward the goal. $526.67 yet to go.

3 responses to “Wisdom Teeth Progress

  1. You have some great buys. I have yet to acquire the will power to limit my wardrobe to a very small number of clothes, but in the last year I have decreased the amount by about 1/5. This year I have only bought underwear, two night clothes, pair of house shoes, and a new very small purse. This is an improvement from before. I am staying home and and out of the stores unless I have a need and a list. I am not as stressed and get more done at home. I have resumed meal planning to clean out the freezer and pantry to use up my supplies before restocking.

    It is great that even you can find ways to further cut in order to save money for a financial goal.

    • Those are good strategies, Patricia. Our choices always involve what is in front of us right now. At some future date, I may be trying to increase my wardrobe by 1/5.

  2. I just did my income tax and owe $780 (last year it was $137 so I was surprised/stunned). Luckily (or God watching over me), we are required to do lots of overtime for the next couple of weeks so that should pay the taxes and my summer vacation!

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