This is another wisdom tooth surgery savings post. You can just skip it if you find this kind of thing boring.


When I last posted I was still $526.76 from my goal. Then I canceled my safety deposit box, which was due for renewal in March saving $40 this month and every year thereafter. Then I custom-fitted a sheet to my bed, by hemming it myself. If I took it to the tailor, it would have cost $10.

Yesterday, I worked an extra shift for high bonus pay. There was a lot of driving involved which is reimbursed at 0.55 per mile and I have four hours of mandatory meetings next week, which will boost my next paycheck by an additional $480.

And, there is still three weeks till the surgery, so I can keep on saving.

I did spend some extra money in the past week–$200 for some new high hat cymbals (expected and saved for) and tickets to a theatre production for me and middle son –$174. That was unexpected, but I’m sure I’ll be able to cover it.


3 responses to “Victory!

  1. Great job! All of that over time work and cutting is getting you to your goal. Have fun at the theater. I went through our movies and am going to donate them to the church rummage sale next month. Also. I added several more pieces of clothing to the pile.

    • Pat, Did you know that you can sell your books, dvds and cds on Amazon? I’ve sold lots and most of the time I’ve made a good profit but still have a long way to go before everything is sold.

      • Diane, I just decided to donate instead of selling. I wanted to help the mission trip that the church is doing. Thank you for the tip though, I always appreciate advice on other options to consider..

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