Minimalist Linen Closet

One of the joys of being a minimalist is having an abundance of storage space. Underused closets. Empty drawers. Space that creates a sense of possibilities, instead of clutter that is a burden. Here is a minimalist linen closet, in a home built in 1936 when people did not own so much stuff. And still we have plenty of room.
2014-04-19 14.38.41
It has three shelves with doors concealing them and then four drawers below.
2014-04-19 14.38.18
On the top shelf there is a bin of cleaning supplies.
2014-04-19 14.37.50
The middle shelf has enough towels for everybody when my son and daughter-in-law come for a visit during the holidays. There as a couple back-up shampoos and conditioners and the flashlight for when the power goes out. Bottom shelf has enough toilet paper to last us through Argamemnon and a bin with extra soap, toothpaste, floss, Chapstick, bandaids and a red nail polish. Since we live 3 blocks from a Walgreens open 24 hours, this is really not necessary. It’s just a habit from when I lived on the farm.
2014-04-19 14.36.43
In the top drawer is the sewing kit.
2014-04-19 15.08.25
In the second drawer: feminine hygiene items, cotton tipped swabs and razors for the kids.
2014-04-19 15.08.11
Third drawer has the trusty Wahl hairclippers.
2014-04-19 15.07.55
And the bottom drawer is empty.2014-04-19 15.07.42


17 responses to “Minimalist Linen Closet

  1. Once again, you are amazing!


  2. isnt there something calming about an empty drawer? 🙂

  3. Thank you for the pictures. They are most inspirational.

  4. Thanks for this post because it helps me see how much further I still have to go! Do you have any extra sheets or blankets for company or are they stored somewhere else?

    • There is a tote in the basement with two extra blankets in it. Maybe I should move them to the bottom drawer? There is only one set of sheets for each bed in the house. When my son and DIL come to visit, I give them the queen sized bed and sleep on the couch. I use a spare blanket then.

  5. Love the pictures of your storage closet. I have downsized mine quiet a bit, but I can minimize even more after seeing your area. Thanks.

  6. Something to aspire to…!

  7. It’s great to have one set of sheets for each bed.But…how do you do the laundry then? Please, teach me for I have two sets per bed and see no way to reduce. Yet )))

    • Well, everybody in the house washes their own sheets, on different days. So, we wash them and dry them and put them back on the bed. You can do this if you line dry also, as long as you start early enough. We use the dryer though, as we have lots of pollen related allergies around here.

      • We also have just one set of sheets per beds. There have been times when we were considering buying one more because we used to forget to take the sheets out of the washing machine and in the dryer and ended up going to bed really late or… sleeping in damp sheets 😦 But after a couple of times, it seems that we learned our lesson and now, we know that we have to start early on on a weekend day!
        We have an inflatable bed for guest with an extra set of sheets put away in a box. We have too many towels but I am not ready to have less yet as they get so easily stained! I feel my linen closet is under control. My big problem (from a minimalist point of view) is stationary, wrapping paper, saved padded enveloppes for sending parcels, saved plastic bags etc… I would love a post on that! I would be curious to know how other fellow minimalists solve the problem of this kind of extra supplies!

  8. I don’t have a linen closet so the cleaning products (which are basically white vinegar, baking soda and some natural spray stuff for the kitchen counters) is under the kitchen sink; two sets of sheets (when I only had one set, I had torn them during the night — put my foot through the bottom sheet! — and had to run out the next day to buy new ones); and always loads to TP because I buy lots when on sale (last year they were $3.49 off so I bought 14 packages of 12-double rolls — at three different stores during a full week).

  9. Beatrice–your wish is my command…..coming soon-a post on stationary and plastic bags.

    Diane–I still do not understand the need for 2 sets of sheets or having a “sheet emergency” if one is destroyed. For over a year, I slept on a couch with a washable blanket….no sheets at all. Another time in my life, I slept on the floor in a sleeping bag. Teenage boys sleep on their “naked” mattress frequently, because they left their sheets in the washer until bedtime. While I will not argue with anyone the delights of snuggling into freshly laundered sheets at the end of a long day, I just do not see them as essential. Not in the same way as I see the coffee pot as essential.

    • 🙂 Great! Looking forward! But only whenever you feel inspiration and find time, no pressure! I have lived with this “problem” most of my life, so I guess I can survive a bit more…

    • I guess that’s the beauty of a minimalist household. You can tailor the minimalism to what works for you. At least one extra set of sheets for each mattress size is essential for my house. The stomach flu always seems to hit at 3 am, and I’m not brave enough to put a little one who just soiled their bed on a “naked” mattress under any circumstances.

      Thanks for the post! I’m always inspired to reevaluate my “essentials” after I see what works for your family.

      • That is the beauty of the minimalist household–intentionality!
        When my kids were that puking 3am stage, they were sharing a futon.
        Now, we just have the amazing puking cats!

  10. Fawn, how much I like the idea of washing sheets on different days! Less work less fatigue. It’s so strange it had never struck me before ))) And I’m also looking forward to a post on stationary and plastic bags.

  11. Your pics are so inspirational I look at them when Im at work and feel down cause when I get fully decluttered I feel as light as a feather! Thk u so much Fawn you have no idea how inspirational these pics are to me! I cant wait for the next post on 100 Things Category 😉
    – Love from Chicago

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