My Uniform

The weather is warming up. My winter clothes are showing signs of wear. [When you only have 6-7 outfits, they wear out faster.] And my thoughts are turning to my summer wardrobe.

First I look at what I have that is still good so I have and idea what I need to fill in. Then, I go shopping. As mentioned in a previous post, I need to have pockets. And due to my body type, I almost always wear knit tops. I also have long legs, so most women’s pants do not fit me. I can get “tall” women’s pants from a catalog, but they generally start around $70 plus shipping. I work around this problem by wearing dresses and men’s pants.

On days off work, I wear sandals. On days I work, I am required to wear closed toe shoes.

So-my summer uniform: knit top, skirt or pants/shorts with pockets and sandals/work shoes.

2014-04-23 12.00.22



3 responses to “My Uniform

  1. I have thinned my wardrobe some more recently and it amazes me of the great buys you get and the small amount of clothing you have, and now we learn that you require tall clothing and still manage. Oh well, I see me going back through the ole wardrobe to thin some more. Keep on encouraging us.

  2. I love the idea of buying used clothes! It makes so much sense and it is line with what you said in a previous post:”~ It is an expression of our love for others to take only what we need from the table”. Thank you for not taking more than you share Fawn! To always use new raw material like cotton to make new clothes when there are already plenty of clothes around on earth makes no sense.
    However, I really hate shopping so I do it as rarely as I can. Buying worn out clothes would probably not work very well for me if I had to buy new clothes for every season. I have owned some skirts for almost 20 years and I still wear them several times per year. And, yes, I do care about how I look. I even try to follow fashion (somewhat distantly though!)

  3. I simplified my wardrobe years several decades ago to only 100% cotton pants with pockets, elastic waist, and in black or charcoal gray- from Lands End. I buy 4 pair at a time, so I don’t have to think about it for a while. I’m now in my 70’s so want longer short-sleeves and higher necks than most women’s tops in recent years. Men’s knit polo shirts work just fine and the colors are often more subdued which I prefer. The longer length covers my roly-poly tummy. That’s my all-season wardrobe. I wear men’s all-cotton flannel shirts and lighter-weight shirts as jackets on top almost all the time. For weddings/funerals only the top part changes to a dressier black jacket, but still all-cotton.

    This same outfit was fine when I was still working, but I was employed on a college campus where we weren’t expected to dress professionally.

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