The Improve Troupe was hanging around the living room yesterday brainstorming and got to talking about what kind of superpowers they would like to have. Apparently, you can only have one. From my work station in the kitchen, I could hear them discuss their favorites: having fireballs shoot out from your hands, breathing underwater, super-human strength (and discussion if this included strong jumps, aka flying) and invisibility.

If I could have a superpower, the one I want is the ability to love my enemy.


9 responses to “Superpowers

  1. I’d like to be able to let go: of things, places, grudges and wants.

  2. I’d like to be able to travel here and there by just blinking my eyes and twitching my nose (like Samantha on Bewitched)! No lines ups, no luggage, no bad airline food, no crying babies, no overpriced tickets, no pollution 🙂

  3. I’d like to be fearless!

  4. Fawn, I recently have been struggling with loving an enemy. I have prayed and have been trying to empathize with this person and to be at peace about it. Thank you for this timely post. What an amazing power to have the ability to truly love everyone as ourselves! In the past I have had to learn to love at a distance in order to not get damaged from another person’s nature. I think they call it setting up boundaries.

    • Oh, Patricia…sometimes the most loving thing we can do is to set boundaries and say, “You will hurt me no more.”

      Just want to point out… I would like to have the superpower of loving my enemy. I do not have that superpower.

  5. I don’t think we have to love our enemies; I think we’re supposed to forgive them, which is quite different. I don’t think God expects us to love our rapist or the person who abused our child/parent/etc. Forgive them yes because that benefits us more than them.

  6. I agree with Diane we don’t have to love our enemies. As for me, I want not even to be forgiving but totally indifferent to my enemies. Hate towards them pollutes my soul, that won’t do. My love and my forgiveness are for those who are very dear to me, I don’t want to share my best with my enemies. Upon the whole I think I don’t really need/want any superpowers cause I don’t know what to do with them)))

  7. I don’t have ennemies (I think) but, sure, I have people in my life that I need to meet and who irritate me. For these I use 2 strategies:
    1) When a person is annoying me, I find it helpful to think of her as a “disabled” person. Only that her handicap is not a physical but a mental one. For instance, if someone is cold and mean, I think that this person is disabled in the area of compassion, that she is unable to feel empathy and that really it must be hard and lonely to live that way. Then I pity her and try to realize that if I want the world to be a better place, I need send her more love so there is a chance she can open up to this kind of frequency.
    2) What I also find really useful is trying to love and accept the sides of ourselves that we don’t like. That’s the difficult part. It’s like exercising our “love muscles”. Then, it becomes easier to love any other person because ultimately, they are the same.

    But maybe I don’t have enough experience to talk about that because I don’t think I have ever been hurt by anyone who deliberately tried to cause me harm. I would think that in that case,the only remedy is to distinguish the actions from the person (who is just very unconsious) and put physical and emotional distance by “letting go”? I mean, accepting what has happened and then not to think too much about it? But that’s the theory…

    • I like that, Beatrice, to “think of her as a disabled person”. Boy, I wish I could have heard that years ago as it would have helped me with a boyfriend that turned out to be unkind and selfish, a couple of female friends who took advantage of my kindness (and finances), and a few supervisors/bosses who were absolutely horrible to work for!

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