2015 Meet-up?

Are there readers out there that would be interested in a meet-up in Springfield, Illinois in 2015?


The main attraction here (other than Fawn, of course) is Abraham Lincoln. First is the world-class presidential museum, and you can tour the only house Abe and Mary ever owned and where the four boys were born. Also, in Springfield, is the Lincoln-Herndon law office and the Old State Capitol, where he was a member of the legislature. A forty minute drive is New Salem, where he lived as a young single man that is kept up as a village of the time he lived there.

Other attractions include a beautiful Frank Lloyd Wright home http://www.dana-thomas.org/ and vast designed garden on Springfield lake http://www.lincolnmemorialgarden.org/.

What do you say?


14 responses to “2015 Meet-up?

  1. I love history and visiting historical sites and would probably rent a car so we could drive out of town as well and see what’s there. I’m game but would prefer spring or fall because my niece graduates from high school June 2015 and she doesn’t know it but I’m planning take her away for a couple of weeks as a graduation gift — our first travelling vacation together!

    • Diane, I find it such a good idea to take your niece on vacation as graduation gift! My niece just graduated from college this year, and my other niece from high school, I don’t think that I can do more than a day trip but you just gave me the idea!

      • Béatrice, I am sure they would appreciate a day out with their aunt. I’m capable of taking mine for longer because I have no children, no nephews and only one niece. Plus, it’s so expensive to travel nowadays, even short distances!

  2. I’d love to meet up!
    I’m a teacher so I’m free the 2nd week of June to the 2nd week of August. I might be able to do a weekend trip any other time of year. Keep us posted 🙂
    Jane O.

  3. I’d love to. Let me know when.

  4. I’d like to do this! Depends a lot on my work schedule then.

  5. Oh! This is so tempting! I love history and I went several times to Mt Vernon, the home of George and Martha Washington, I even had a yearly pass when I lived in DC! And I would love to visit the building from Frank Lloyd Wright. I liked his home, Taliesin in Wisconsin very much. I have no trip planned to the US in the forseeable future and if I had, I would probably want to give priority to my many American friends and visit them first. But I have friends in Madison, WI so who knows, one day maybe 😉 it is so nice to have these kind of projects to daydream about….

  6. Well, one reader requests summer, one requests spring or fall. I guess we can’t please everybody. Anybody else with particular months that work best?

    • Maybe we’ll know better late 2014 or early 2015 as it’s kind of difficult to make summer plans for next year now. Work and family responsibilities could change by then so I would suggest we revisit this perhaps in January 2015.

  7. That is an excellent idea. We will just let it simmer for now.

  8. Fawn, given any more thought to this? If not, I completely understand, but I think a lot of us would enjoy meeting you and learning about good old Abe!

  9. I would love to have a meet-up with my readers. You all let me know what months and days work. May is not good for me, as I am travelling to get kids from college. Likewise mid to late August.

  10. I live in the Chicago area so it wouldn’t be too terrible of a drive for me. I’ve only driven through Springfield on the freeway, so it would be a welcome chance to see the city.

    • Tradd–we do not seem to have a big group interested in a meet-up…just one or two. If you plan a trip to Springfield (really it is just about 3.5 hours on the train….) let me know when you are coming and I will give you a personal tour, if I am around and not working. 🙂

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