Picturing Minimalism


One of the more frequent comments I hear from my readers is “It makes so much more sense with the pictures.” That is, when we can see the process or solution, we understand it better.

Interestingly, this holds true for me as well. In the process of photographing my minimalism for you all, and looking at the photos, I have understood my processes better. And often gotten ideas how to improve things.

For example, when taking photos of the food in my refrigerator just prior to a shop (to illustrate how to eat cheaply, healthily) it occurred to me that I didn’t need a full-sized refrigerator. So I installed a “mini” fridge. It uses less space and less energy.

When I photographed my linen closet for you all, I saw all those stock-piled supplies and laughed at myself, still behaving as if I lived 10 miles from the closest store, and had to take all my toddlers with me when I went. I don’t need to keep all that toilet paper and shampoo here. There is a store 3 blocks away that is fully stocked for me.

It makes me want to take pictures of everything, so I can see it anew.


3 responses to “Picturing Minimalism

  1. That’s a really good idea. I think I’ll do the same. I’ve minimalised but not to your extent and it seems there’s more I could do. Pantry? Kitchen?

  2. Such a great suggestion! I have never seen it anywhere else, I never thought of doing it, I will definitely try. I think it will help me with clothing (I want to change style a bit but I am not sure what I need) and sewing supplies.

  3. I would be too ashamed to take pictures (also, I don’t own a camera). Even though I’m a minimalist, I am now realizing I have further to go to achieve your level or even come close to it, especially when travelling by car. I’m going on vacation Sunday for a week and so far have a garment bag (so the clothes don’t crease), a suitcase (for sheets, bath towels, smaller towels, toiletries, sleepwear, bathing suit), a duffle bag (for dvds, books, hot water bottle, iron, small juicer, cell phone charger, laundry detergent), a large bag (toilet paper/kleenex), another large bag (paper towels, a bit of food), another large bag (for my memory foam pillow – love it!), and my 12″ fan. Plus a purse and road maps. However, when I travel by plane, the load is much lighter.

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