Frugal Vacation

At the sculpture garden

At the sculpture garden

We recently returned from a six day trip to visit my son and daughter-in-law in Chattanooga Tennessee, an eight hour drive from here.

Total cost of the trip: $327.48


Gasoline: $102.22

Restaurant Food: $133.83 This was spent on the two travel days. While in Chattanooga, we ate all meals at my son and DIL’s home. I cooked dinner as they had to work during the day.

Grocery Store Food:$36.63 This does not include what son and DIL provided. I was merely refilling their pantry, as when we come to visit, it is a bit like locusts descending on your kitchen.

Entertainment: $54.80

In the past, when we have visited Chattanooga, we have mixed expensive entertainments like spelunking and white-water rafting with less expensive hiking and picnicking. This trip, we focused on the less expensive activities. Here are a few of the things we did and what they cost.

Walk around downtown, and across the pedestrian bridge. My son treated us to ice cream and icy drinks. $0

Bike rental for one day: $24

Lookouts baseball game: $0 (My son, who is a college baseball coach, got these as a favor from another coach.)

Nature Park hike and picnic: $0

Sculpture garden: $0

Hunter Art Museum: $34.80

Teenage squabbling was kept to a minimum and we had a great visit!


6 responses to “Frugal Vacation

  1. That’s terrific that it didn’t cost all that much. I wish my vacations were that inexpensive. Unfortunately, my 7-day vacation cost me $2450:
    House rental (with pool): $1899
    Gas: $75
    Food: 150
    Wine: $168 (there were 25 vineyards where we stayed!)
    Chiro (sciatica): $118 (two visits)
    Souvenirs: 40 (I always bring something back for my niece)

    Next summer’s vacation will cost around $5000 because I’ll be taking my niece to Vancouver as a high school graduation gift.

  2. Very inspiring! It’s increadible that it cost so little and it seems like so much fun!
    I like that you decide to spend money on the Art museum!
    As soon as I am on vacation, I forget about my good resolutions and I lose track of expenses. For my defense, my vacation usually happens in another currency and I get all confused.

  3. One question Fawn. Do you prepare sandwiches, beverages etc… for the road? If so, do you find it worth the hassle? Here in Europe, bottled water can sometimes be very expensive and yet, we need to drink somehow!

    • If I had done that this trip, I could have gotten our expenses less than $250. I think it is worth it, though I did not do so this trip.

  4. Fawn, you have a beautiful family and all of you had a fun frugal vacation. I live in Tennessee and Chattanooga is a very nice place to visit. At the end of this month, My second daughter and I will visit my first daughter in San Diego, Ca and will hit some of the beaches, museums, aquariums, zoos, etc. We will be staying at her apartment and will eat mostly at home. I miss my daughter and even though I don’t like traveling – I will go see her.

  5. Very clever.

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