Don’t Be A Princess

Do you remember the story of the Princess and the Pea, in which a skeptical potential mother-in-law tests the nobility of a young girl by putting a pea under about 20 mattresses? The older woman is convinced of the young woman’s noble birth by the bruises she acquires while asleep.
I remember when, as a small child, I first heard this story and thought about the princess, “What a loser! She needs to toughen up.”

Life is going to send us all kinds of challenges. Unexpected physical demands, unforeseen money surprises, annoying people. Rather than letting these events throw us into a swoon or worse, a panic, let us plan for future challenges by training ourselves to be frugal and strong and kind now. Then when those difficult situations occur, we are prepared.

No matter where you are now, take steps to improve your health and finances and relationships. No flopping on the bed and moaning, “It’s too haaarrrd.” “I’m too buuussyyyy.” “People are meeaan.” Wah! It is hard, you are busy, people can be mean. Don’t be distracted.

I think of it as interval training. When training to build muscle, you push your body really hard for a short period, exhausting it. Then you let it rest. Then you go all-out again. This work hard-rest cycle builds strong bodies. Using a work hard-rest cycle can build emotional and financial strength as well.

Let’s go!


9 responses to “Don’t Be A Princess

  1. Thank you so much for your blog and your advices. I’m going to count my possession in order to live more intentionally ! Sorry if my sentences are not well structured but I’m french and I’m still learning english 😉

  2. I know what you mean about being busy! My to-do list was getting too long and it stressed me just to look at it. So I took last week off from work and tackled it and completed it so that since yesterday, I only have to deal with tasks on a daily basis and no more procrastination. I slept in every day and worked through it at a slower pace, thus returning to work refreshed and no to-do list!

    • I love this, and I think that my next goal is to get to the elimination of the To-Do list and just do one day’s work at a time. I had blogged about it at the beginning of the year, but find that my To-Do list is a huge addiction/coping skill….I can’t decide.


      • I thought several times about asking your for an update on that one… 😉 I was very inspired by what you wrote at that time as list making is for me a huge one (I make new lists all the time to release anxiety and that helps a lot but then I need to consolidate all the numerous lists I have made and that’s where it is not fun anymore!). It is a real addiction in my case, on the positive it gives me a sense of control that I enjoy but on the negative, it takes a ridiculous amount of time. I spend more time making lists than actually doing what’s on them! Pathetic! I sometimes thought that a more radical minimalism than mine would help but maybe clutter and list making are two unrelated problems, I am not sure!

  3. Hi Fawn,
    I love your blog! I was wondering if you could do a post on surviving nursing school with young kids and how minimalism plays a role.
    Also, do you have a cleaning schedule/routine?

    • Erin–I would love to. Look for a post about going to school with toddlers and how minimalism is a help in the next week or so. I will do a separate post on cleaning routines later.

  4. Thank you for your very good analogy and advice with this age old story. Reading your words helps me stay on track. Progess regarding clutter is being made in my home. :).

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