Cleaning Routines


What follows is a not-all-inclusive list of things I clean and how often I clean them.

Daily or more often: dishes, kitchen counters, cat’s litter box

Couple times per week: laundry

Weekly: sweep floors [mind you when my kids were toddlers, I mopped the kitchen floor daily] clean toilets, clean shower/tub, wash towels

Couple times per month: mop floors, dust, clean the cat hair off the sofa, clean the gunk off the stove

Couple times per year: clean windows

Yearly: clean gutters, wash curtains in basement, clean oven [I don’t roast a lot of meat-it doesn’t get that dirty]


9 responses to “Cleaning Routines

  1. I can relate to cleaning the cat fur off the couch! My kitty has long hair and it is an on-going battle between the fur on the furniture and the furballs that accumulate in corners and under the furniture. Several times a week I ask him how he isn’t bald!

  2. I amazes me that you can get so much cleaning done with so few products (I have far too much under the kitchen and bathroom sink). What do you use so that I can reduce mine?

    • I use window cleaner for windows and cat puke, Comet or Barkeeper’s friend for scrubbing the bowl of the toilet and the tub. And mostly water and elbow grease for everything else. A couple exceptions: I read online about spraying baking soda mixed with water inside the oven and letting it just stay there. When you cook, it binds with the grease and soot and ends up in a powder in the bottom, which is easy to wipe out. I have a spray carpet cleaner for when the cats puke upstairs. I used to use a “all purpose cleaner” from 7th Generation, but really water and a rag works just fine. I like using my muscles to clean. It keeps them strong.

  3. Fawn, your minimalist living style was what first attracted me to your blog. I had hoped to reduce the amount of cleaning I do and started to purge things. I had some resistance at first, but now my family understands my reasons (change is hard). I am slowly downsizing and my cleaning routine has become more manageable. Thank you for guiding and encouraging me.

  4. Way to go Pat!

  5. I love your succinct way of putting things!

    Do you never use vinegar for cleaning? I find it very useful. We have very hard water and a lot of limescale to deal with. But it’s also good on things where you need to neutralise smells. I’m sure there are plenty of sites that will tell you all can use it for!

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