Peace Pilgrim

I’m adding a new category of posts. I’m going to include occasional posts about a minimalist, historical or modern, that I admire.

Peace Pilgrim is such a person.


She was an American woman who walked across the United States between 1953 and 1981 sharing her message of peace. She owned only what she carried in her pockets. You can read more about her here:


6 responses to “Peace Pilgrim

  1. Unfortunately, I can’t seem to make your link work… 😦

  2. OK. I think it is fixed now. Thanks for letting me know. You guys are the best!

  3. Thank you so much Fawn for telling us about her. I had never heard about this story and it is so inspirational! Her “epiphany” reminds me very much of the one of Eckart Tolle (contemporary spiritual teacher) and her pilgrimage made me think of the adventure of Jacob Holdt (an artist that travelled and took pictures through the US at the beginning of the 1970s Very happy for this new section of your blog!

  4. We got copies of her book at work a few years back. I was truly amazed by her spirit and philosophies. It was hard to put down.

  5. Just took some time to read through Peace’s vignettes and stories using your link. Wonderful stuff. Thanks.

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