Oselo McCarty

Oselo Mcarty

Oselo Mcarty

Oselo Mcarty was born in 1908. She lived and worked in Hattiesburg, Mississippi as a laundress for 75 years. Her formal education ended after she had completed the 6th grade (so approximately 1920) and after that she joined the family business of washing and ironing other people’s clothing. She lived simply and saved. She never married or had children and by the time she was 87 years old, her savings were enough that she started a scholarship and the University of Southern Mississippi with $150,000.


5 responses to “Oselo McCarty

  1. Fawn,
    I’m loving this new “Inspiring Minimalist” category. Thanks for the posts.
    On a side note – just received your book “A Holy Errand”. Can’t wait to read it.

  2. Actually, I find inspiration with just about all of your posts!!

  3. I just love this new category as well! I even often wish the posts were longer! But I respect this minimalist approach to writing, I guess I will have to search a bit myself on the internet to learn more about Oselo.
    I love the stories in your book “A Holy Errand”! They make me reflect a lot about the way your minimalist lifestyle helps you cope with the amazing work you do as a hospice nurse and to what extend not wasting energy on “material things” give you strength to face life challenges.
    As with your posts, I am hungry for more of the background story, your thoughts and reflections…

  4. Amazing that Oselo was awarded a honorary doctorate from Harvard! What a beautiful story, a wonderful exemple of giving meaning to life!

  5. I had read about her year’s ago and was just so amazed. So many people have well-paying jobs but waste their money on stuff and more stuff instead of leaving a legacy as Miss Mcarty did. The media is filled with inspiring articles about accomplishments made by men so it’s always refreshing to hear what women have accomplished. I remember a 65 year old African-American woman who appeared on Oprah and told the audience about her husband who had left her at age 30 with five children to raise. With the help of her neighbour (who babysat often), she worked during the day and studied at night to get a college degree. With her financial help, two children because doctors, one a lawyer, one a social worker and I believe the other one a teacher. She was on Oprah to celebrate receiving her Ph.D at the age of 65. When Oprah asked her why she continued studying, she said she enjoyed learning new things and keeping her mind active. What a great role model!

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