Healing Room

Here’s what I have been up to in the past month: my daughter gave me permission to repaint her room. She is away at school and will be for much of the summer, working on an internship. She had preferred this cobalt blue and had paired it with black sheets and comforter for a dramatic teen room.

East wall: previous

East wall: previous

North wall: previous

North wall: previous

I intend to use this room for my Reiki clients. It took four coats of primer to cover the blue, and then I painted it a soft green. I added a massage table and some calming accessories.

East wall now

East wall now

North wall now.

North wall now.

West wall now.

West wall now.

I’m ready for business.



7 responses to “Healing Room

  1. That is such a soothing choice. I admire your choices with your daughter, too permission to use her own taste to decorate her room, and securing her permission to make changes. I hope the massage endeavor works well for you – and for your clients.

  2. How interesting! A couple of weeks ago as I was reading your wonderful book “A Holy Errand” and discovered you were doing Reiki. I wanted to ask you a few questions about it but did not really know how to do it. I was waiting for some blog post where I could include my questions in the comments, and here it is! A whole post on Reiki (well, not really but…).
    Here is what I was wondering: Do you see any connection between Reiki and minimalism? I am thinking for instance in the area of 1) releasing things 2) living in the now?
    I got some Reiki sessions a few years ago at a time when I felt “stuck” in my life and it helped me immensely.

    • Well, you are asking this question to a person who sees connection in almost everything….so yes, I see connection between minimalism and Reiki. Most clearly I see it when we think about how energy flows in a room and in a body. Imagine a hoarder’s home with the rooms stacked to the ceiling with old newspapers and thrift store finds that “don’t quite work.” There is no room to live, or relax and the “feel” of the room is confining. The excess stuff and debris prevent movement through the room and limit it’s ability to be used as a living space.
      Energy flows thorough the body (not exactly like movement through a room, it’s a metaphor) and the energy can be blocked or disrupted by injury and emotions and habits. Reiki opens up the energy flow as decluttering opens up a room. Reiki is often experienced as relaxing. Reiki can restore natural flow of energy so the body can heal.
      The only way to do Reiki is now. So it lends itself to continually bringing the mind to the present moment.
      Excellent questions.

      • Thanks a lot Fawn, this is very helpful. It brings me one step further on the understanding of why I hold on to certain items that I would like to get rid of!

  3. Hi, Fawn! Nice coloure for the walls! So quiet and soothing. What about RV living?Did you give up the idea?

    • I continue to plan my RV adventure. Alas, I still have a son at home and can not take to the road until his schooling is complete. So it will be 2-6 years, depending.

  4. Very nice, love it.

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