Tuesday Menu

Breakfast: 1/4 cantaloupe .25, 1 cup oatmeal .15, tablespoon Nutella .13, tea .10 [.63]

Lunch: I made subway sandwiches out of a whole grain baguette that was marked down to 0.49.

5 sandwiches from baguette, top two have mustard for me and bottom three are plain for the youngin.

5 sandwiches from baguette, top two have mustard for me and bottom three are plain for the youngin.

Cost of one sandwich is .96. Add to that a yogurt at .75 and apple at .34 for a lunch total of $2.05.

easy to pack for work

easy to pack for work

Dinner: Spinach (left over from the sub sandwiches–1.69) garlic .07, olive oil .05, shredded Parmesan (the last 1/5 of the wedge–.99) 2 eggs .58.

This is two servings. So for tonight--1.69.

This is two servings. So for tonight–1.69.

Add in 1/2 bowl of Bean soup….

Spinach & egg =1.69. Bean Soup=.16. Total=$1.85!

Spinach & egg =1.69.
Bean Soup=.16.

Total for the day:  $4.37.


6 responses to “Tuesday Menu

  1. I am enjoying these posts. Eating healthy on a small budget can be done. I think many people add a lot of junk to their shopping cart. Portion control is a big issue also. Special diets, picky eaters, and very active people would add some to the budget though.

  2. I remember reading on another of your posts that people found it difficult living off the amount the US govt guidelines were. Seeing how you eat, I think the others found it difficult because you don’t have pop, chips and other junk food on your list and those other people probably snack in between meals as well. Makes a big difference budget wise when you’re eating 6 times a day and eating lots of junk food in between meals.

    • Yes, it is one of those head-scratching facts that in the US, poor people tend to be more heavy than middle-class and wealthy people. The argument that I generally hear for this is that the poor do not have easy access to healthy foods. But I don’t think that is the main reason. I think the main reason is that junk food makes you feel better in the short-term. It gives you a serotonin rush, and people who are stressed by their life-situation use junk food to feel better for a few minutes. Too bad it is such a poor long-term strategy.

      • I agree. I also blame it on tv. I don’t watch tv but was at my mom’s yesterday and I think 90% of the commercials had food in them. I never liked junk food (I crave fruits and vegis) but no doubt it gets to some people and they just have to run out and get the burgers and fries and ice cream, etc…

      • I really like your blog! Reading old posts. Scientists have identified dozens of interacting causes of overweight. Not sure if this one is on the diagram I saw, but I think where you see food insecurity people get fat because their bodies adjust to lower calories and then when they have more to eat the body first stores some as fat for future “famines” it expects.

  3. This is so helpful! My husband and I are already very minimalist in our lifestyles, but we know food/eating out is our downfall. Shopping efficiently, healthily, and inexpensively at the grocery store can often feel overwhelming. Thanks for sharing these great ideas!

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