Wednesday Menu

Breakfast was two slices of breakfast pizza and a cup of coffee that was provided by my employer for a meeting. It is certainly the least healthy thing I have eaten so for this week.  Cost-0.

Lunch was the rest of the spinach/egg thing and black bean soup.

Spinach & egg =1.69. Bean Soup=.16. Total=$1.85!

Spinach & egg =1.69.
Bean Soup=.16.

I also had 1/4 cantaloupe .25.

Lunch $2.10


Cheese, crackers and grapefruit

Cheese, crackers and grapefruit

Cheese was .60, the crackers plus some I ate later in the evening were .30, grapefruit .35= $1.25.

Later in the evening I ate 2 small chocolate bars I had bought to make hot chocolate .80.

Total  $4.15.


2 responses to “Wednesday Menu

  1. I like to see that you don’t mind eating leftovers. I do too but know many who absolutely want something different at each meal and every day. I have a co-worker who has been eating the same salad (exact same ingredients and vinaigrette) every day for lunch for the past 20 years. I could do that perhaps for a whole week, but then would want to change it up the following week.

    • Well, if you are the Queen, you can eat whatever you have a taste for today, regardless of season or how far away it was raised. The poor are going to eat what is in season, closer to home and cook from ingredients if they are to eat a healthy diet within their budget. Whether it is growing tomatoes in a bucket on your balcony, or buying staples in bulk, there are methods of eating well, frugally if one is inclined.

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