Saturday Menu

Sometimes the best laid plans…..

Here’s my story: Saturday is a work day for me, so I ate my usual oatmeal and Nutella at work, and had a cup of tea at home. [ .38 ]

I packed a lunch to eat in between seeing patients.

Apple  .34 Egg  .29 Prunes  .21 Tomatoes  .33 Cheese  .60 Crackers  .30

Apple .34
Egg .29
Prunes .21
Tomatoes .33
Cheese .60
Crackers .30

And I was planning on having more bean soup for supper. But, I had only gotten into the cheese and crackers part of the lunch when my brother called me. He and his wife and their two foster sons were travelling from Chicago to St. Louis and their car had broken down about 5 miles from my office. What are the odds? It is 297 miles from Chicago to St. Louis–so the chances of them breaking down on my doorstep are astronomical. Yet here they were. What then occurred was a Laurel & Hardy routine….unpacking all their stuff from their car to mine, getting their car towed, unpacking their stuff at my house, keeping two 8- year-old boys entertained, trying to find a rental car…..finding a relative to drive up from St. Louis, keeping the boys entertained…, by the time we had a plan and it was starting to come together, it was 3pm and no one had eaten. My beloved brother insisted on taking us all out to eat while they waited for their ride.

My food costs for the day: $1.28…but you can’t plan for this kind of day.


4 responses to “Saturday Menu

  1. But Fawn, wouldn’t you have been surprised if they passed so close to your home and didn’t visit?! I would have been offended, to be honest (my dad will do that kind of thing…)!! 😮
    What a lovely opportunity to connect, though!

    • They had tried to arrange a lunch with me, but my work is so unpredictable (sometimes I am in another county from an unexpected phone call) that I had declined. As it turned out, I was able to fit all my work around helping them.

  2. What a nice surprise. Except for the problems with the car, I love it when things happen to change the day around!

  3. I just read all the food postings, which was a bit discouraging.:) Here I thought I eat a balanced vegetarian diet (meaning low calorie count) but your meals are so much smaller than mine. Remember that book I mentioned many months ago? Well, I think you could add a chapter or two on menus. I think I would lose some weight if I adhered to your daily meals. Love the soup recipe!

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