Relearning Play

I had thought that when my kids left home, or I retired, or both, that I would sleep for a month.  I imagined that when I emerged, rubbing my eyes, scratching my belly, that I would look around for my new purpose and throw myself in.

Silly me.

First off, it’s not taking a month of solid sleeping to get caught up on my rest. Just consistently going to bed on time and saving evenings for friends and reading.

Getting the cobwebs off the library card

Getting the cobwebs off the library card

So after I got rested, I discovered my second false belief:

That my purpose is all about service.

Not to worry, I’m not about to abandon my hospice work or stop paying for college for the kids. But as I work on the house to get it ready to sell, I’m learning that designing and completing these projects (I’ll have photos as I finish them) has a strong “play” quality to it.

I like taking something that is ugly or poorly designed and redoing it. It’s fun.



4 responses to “Relearning Play

  1. I like your attitude!

  2. Fawn, I can relate. I recently decided that “big sister” was role imposed on me by birth order some 67 years ago. My youngest sibling is in his 50’s now. And it occurred to me that I was playing out that role in a much larger arena than that of my birth family. It’s amazing how much energy has been freed up by giving up an old idea.

  3. I too can relate. Because I work full-time and take care of my parents full-time (in the sense that I handle their accounts; pay bills; run their errands; take them to medical appointments), family and friends keep telling me every time they call to spend a day a week doing nothing — absolutely nothing. Well I tried but how do you do nothing? I too find “play” in doing things, i.e. I love to watch a movie but stop it every 30 minutes to put a load in the laundry; empty or fill the dishwasher; tidy my cupboards. Puttering around my home to me is not a burden and I enjoy having tidied up the place for another week.

  4. Diane, I like puttering around and tidying up in my home too. It has led to a lot of decluttering, organizing, and ideas for improvement and small changes for the better.

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