Too Much Nature in the Basement

You all may recall that I am helping a friend clean out her 2,300 square foot basement of stuff that has been accumulating for 40+ years. It is a big project and we have been working on it off and on for over a year.

You may also recall that mice got into the stuff stored there, which was a strong motivator for my friend to finally do something about the basement. Well, imagine my delight [heavy sarcasm] when I arrived on Wednesday and she warned me before I headed downstairs, “I should tell you, I found a snakeskin in the basement. He probably was down there hunting mice. He might be gone by now.”

The one she found wasn't quite this long.

The one she found wasn’t quite this long.

We worked for eight hours over two days and filled up two large trash cans with trash, two large trash cans with recycle materials, a pick-up truck full of supplies to be donated to Habitat for Humanity and my car full of objects to go to Goodwill.

I found several dead mice and a couple nests….but no snake.

As I was finishing up, my friend served me lunch and from her kitchen table we watched a doe and new fawn, nursing. And they were in the backyard. Where nature belongs.


4 responses to “Too Much Nature in the Basement

  1. Ah, the dreaded basement. We recently moved and indeed the basement was a nightmare. There were no mice or snakes, just lots of stuff that we did not use or need. Now I am recommitted to living a simple, frugal life that allows me time for what I love.

  2. We don’t have a basement and I am glad because I know that if we did, it would have become filled. It’s so easy to fill the empty spaces in our homes.

  3. Wow, that is a lot of hard work, and you are a really good friend to help her with such a big project.

  4. Marilyn Hayes

    When I moved here 15 years ago, the realtor kept explaining where I could put ‘storage’. I said, “Storage? I don’t WANT room for storage… I don’t want to own that much stuff.” And today I have empty closets, and only a few items in the garage!

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