Minimalist Cleaning

Long-time reader Sumarie asked for a post on my current cleaning supplies and items, seeing as I had reduced them from more than 400 items. This post is in response to that request.

I have a vacumn cleaner and a long handled broom. Then I have these objects:

All these things, except the dust pan and whisk broom fit in the blue caddy at the back.

All these things, except the dust pan and whisk broom fit in the blue caddy at the back.

I use the yogurt cup to rinse the tub after a scrubbing and the Comet cleanser is used to clean the tub and the toilets. I also use the product called Bar Keeper’s Friend. Just depends on which is cheaper when I go to purchase.

The blue fluid is an ammonia-based widow cleaner, and there is no label on it, as the kids used it in a film a few years back. After I use this product up, I will likely switch to plain vinegar or water for the things I use it for now–which is mostly cleaning up cat puke. My frequency of cleaning windows and mirrors in this house is so scarce, that it does not warrant it’s own product.

There is a toilet brush that is not in the photograph.

My cleaning routines are thus:

kitchen counters get wiped down daily with water and scrubby sponge. When the sponge starts to smell bad, I microwave it. If you have a dishwasher, you can put it on the top rack.

Cat puke gets cleaned up as it occurs, with ammonia cleaner and paper towels.

The toilets get cleaned when they start to have a pink ring at the water level or fussy company is coming.

The tub gets cleaned…..not near often enough.

The floors get swept when the cat hair tumbleweeds start to bother me…or company is coming.

The Resolve carpet cleaner is for when the cats vomit on the carpet……or I spill food on the car seat.

If I have forgotten to mention your cleaning pet peeve, just ask. I will come clean about how I deal with it. [no extra charge for the bad pun.]


11 responses to “Minimalist Cleaning

  1. There is a great multi purpose product called Krud Kutter. It does it ALL. I read about it on a cleaning website. It claims to be biodegradable and even gets the film off of the shower door. Stains? Yep. Even for laundry. Clean toilets? Yep. Clean floors? Yep. I am a converted fan.

  2. I use baking soda for kitchen counter/sink and bathroom tub/toilet/sink. I use vinegar and water for windows and floors. I dust with a wet rag. Very inexpensive and non-toxic.

  3. Thank you, Fawn. I appreciate hearing what you use, & also the other commenters. I just know this is an area that can be simplified in our lives!

    • I think mine can be simplified too! Just dragging stuff out and showing it to you all makes me question, “Do I really need this?” I suspect after I use the products that I have I will move on to just baking soda and water. Maybe vinegar for the windows. How did we get so brainwashed that we need all this other stuff?

  4. I should have added that I put a few drops of essential oils in the vinegar/water combo to give it a nicer scent (favourites are geranium and lavender).

  5. I laughed at your descriptions of cat dust bunnies, etc. I can definitely pair down some of the cleaning items I have though. Thanks for the inspiration.

  6. I think your website is really wonderful and very inspiring. Question–how do you mop floors, like the kitchen and bathroom? I just got a steam cleaner with a washable microfiber cleaning pad, and it works great. But it’s one more thing… I’d rather have less.

    • When I am in a hurry–I do like my teens did for years: I take off my shoe and sock and “mop” the floor with a wet rag under my foot. When I have the time, I use a wet rag and the plastic storage bin as a bucket and scrub the thing on my hands/butt/knees. I do this for the wood & marble (yes!) & linoleum floors in the house. It is not the easiest way, but I find that I prefer to use my muscles in simple tasks, rather than pay for a gym membership….though I still do that too. I remember a patient I had, who at 100 years of age, still scrubbed her kitchen floor on her hands and knees. Why do we think this is a bad thing?

  7. I bet you’re right–and with your way you can get into all of the nooks and crannies. I learned a great old-fashioned way to wash windows. You take one washcloth dipped in soapy warm water with a little dish soap and wash the window (wring it out first), and then right away you take another dry washcloth and dry. No need to rinse. It makes them crystal clear.

  8. Reader Gay sent private e-mail asking about dusting. Here is my response:
    1) reduce objects in home so there is less to dust and fewer obstacles when dusting.
    2) cleaning rag, moistened with water and wrung out well dusts everything. Rinse as needed.

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