Fixing the Lawn Mower

An advantage of using simple tools is that they do not have as many parts to break and often they can be repaired by someone who is not mechanically inclined (moi.)

My lawn mower is fourteen years old this summer and with regular oil changes and blade sharpenings, has been working fine. Until last week, when the plastic part that controls where the clippings go broke and fell off. Along with the spring that held the two parts (shoot out and straight down for mulching) on the mower.

At my local hardware store, I found a spring that was the right diameter, and close to the right torque and for $1.79, I thought was worth a try.

The parts: preassembly.

The parts: pre-assembly.

The big “shooter” piece was totally broken and would not stay on, but I never used it anyway. However, without its weight, the flat flap piece that it used to keep in place, lifted up during use, allowing the clippings to shoot out onto the house and my neighbor’s car. So, I added a layer of duct tape.

No cost to me. I pilfered it from son's stash.

No cost to me. I pilfered it from son’s stash.

And it works great. Total cost of repair $1.79 and my time.


4 responses to “Fixing the Lawn Mower

  1. Not mechanical – HAH!!!

  2. Love it — bravo! And… don’t you feel smug with satisfaction?

  3. Well done!

  4. You are an inspiration. I was going to buy one of those big clumsy lawnmowers but yours is much better — as you said — fewer parts to repair!

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