Frugal Things I’ve Done in the Past Week

Since we are talking about money and savings…here are a few things I have done in the past week that are frugal..and one frugal Fail.

The road to failure...not just a path...

The road to failure…not just a path…

~ I completed a complex two-step process that will reduce my health insurance next year by $40/month. Savings $480.

~ By combining two coupons that were shoved through my mail-slot against my will, I enjoyed a ham sandwich and 30 oz. bad-for-me diet soda for $1.62. Savings $3.79.

~ As noted in previous post, fixed my lawn mower for $1.79. Savings? New mower $150. What would the repair have been if done by shop? No clue.

~ Free crossword and Sudoku puzzle in the weekly free paper. I would not have paid for this, so maybe all it saved me from was a nice nap.

~ Cooked dinner at home for my boyfriend. If we had eaten out, likely $25-$40. I was going to grill chicken wings, but they were 17.3/oz (about the same cost for chicken breasts which have no bone waste! So I bought the chicken leg quarters for 7.4/oz. Even with the tail and back bones–still less waste!) Dinner ingredients: $8.50.

~ I routinely use 1/2 of the recommended laundry detergent. I have a hard time estimating how much this saves, since I buy cheap detergent anyway. Maybe $20/year in detergent. But my washer repairman says, since I do this (and leave the washer door open between washes) that I save myself having to buy the “front loader washer cleaner” which may be another $10-$20 per year.

~ Speaking of adding water…when my hair conditioner bottle starts to get low, I add water to the bottle, and just increase the volume of what I put on my head, until the conditioner/water ratio is what the rinse water would be. I dunno, this might save me $5-$10/year.

~ Bought 4 items of a personal care nature that I would have bought anyway….. and got a store reward card for $5, which paid for 1/2 of 3 months of the one prescription medication that I use.

Frugal Fail: I bought the single sheet toilet paper as it was 2 cents less per roll than the 2 ply. I. Hate. The. Single. Ply. It would be worth 5 cents per roll to have the 2 ply. However, as my penance…..I will use up the entire container of single-sheet toilet paper before I buy more.


5 responses to “Frugal Things I’ve Done in the Past Week

  1. As usual, I really enjoyed the peek into your life today. I don’t comment much, but just wanted to let you know that your authentic writing is always inspiring! 😀

    I always did like the single ply toilet paper though… But I also use it to blow my nose, blot with instead of cotton balls, etc. One roll seems to last forever too! In my household two ply never lasted a whole week, but I get at least a week or more per roll with the single. Hey, maybe by the time you’ve used it all you will have grown to love it! 😉

  2. The laundry detergent is the one that annoys me the most. I use an eco concentrate liquid detergent with a measure cap that has a white line (to show how much to fill) in the white cap. Now, I know the companies know that we can’t see the white line in the white cap (or the dvd player that has black lettering on a black background) so I use very little (probably below the line) and no doubt save more that way as well. I always use the cold wash cycle as well as the short cycle (versus the normal one). After all, I’m not out farming all day in my clothes — they just need to be refreshed. Thank you for your ever helpful tips!

  3. Kelly, I held my cap up to the light and marked the line with a sharpie

  4. NEVER BUY SINGLE SHEET TP! There is never any savings. I buy the good stuff at the big box store.

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