Silver Linings


Looking for silver linings one of my favorite mental exercises. Finding the good and positive aspects of a difficult situation is antithetical to self-pity and a companion to gratitude. When you spend a lot of time with people who are dying, as we hospice staff do, you see people can find joy even in deep loss.

I don’t have any serious difficulties in my life right now, but the exercise works for minor irritations too. Here are a few silver linings I have found in the last week or so.

~ the band members are leaving my white towels black with the dirt from the guitar strings. At least they are washing their hands.

~ we are very short-staffed at work right now. My employer is offering extra money for certain shifts.

~ I’m still cleaning the basement of my friend, and I have several car loads of stuff to haul out. Part of that is wood scraps and I will have free firewood all winter.


9 responses to “Silver Linings

  1. I love looking for silver linings as well! I bet having free firewood for the winter will be a great reminder of how helping others can help you both!

  2. You call it looking for the silver lining. I call it looking for the rainbows in every situation.

  3. “… the band members are leaving my white towels black with the dirt from the guitar strings. At least they are washing their hands.”

    I think that’s utterly disrespectful of the band members. This type of justification could apply to “My husband beat me up but at least he didn’t kill me”

    • These are teenage boys. I don’t think they see that kind of dirt.

      • I am sure they don’t see it! I am sure they don’t even look at the towel after washing their hands. While washing their hands, their heads are already on the next thing life has to offer them….I have personally said goodbye to white towels for the next couple of decades 😉

      • The irony is that I bought the white towels because the kid’s acne treatment/skin care was bleaching the colored towels. Ha!

  4. Sure they see it, it’s just that their parents tolerate it — especially if they are boys. Neither my brother nor I would have ever done that — we respected our parents’ property. Teenagers are lax today because no one enforces any rules upon them.

    • The purpose of towels is to dry hands after washing. Sometimes there is dirt or grease left on one’s hands. I guess you’ve never lived with someone who worked on cars or machines. My dad was/is a steel mill worker, welder, and also worked on cars his whole life. There were sometimes stains on towels. And when those towels wear out, you get more. It’s not a sign of disrespect, it’s a sign of using the items (ie: the towels) the way they were designed.

      • The towels are to dry your hands — not to wipe off the dirt you didn’t bother washing your hands long enough to get off.

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