Three Weeks of Frugals

I’ve been really busy working, even overtime. GASP! Which always makes for infrequent posts. Sorry. But I have been keeping track of the frugals along the way to report back to you.

~ the first of the month I turned off my air conditioner and opened the windows. The temperatures have fluctuated from 50’s to 90’s. When it was cold, I put on a sweater. When it was hot, I turned on a fan. I can’t wait to see my next power bill. And I love the fresh air.

~ I have been packing lunches. I seem to go in cycles with this depending on how much energy vs. money I have.

~ One of the band members inexplicably gave us a whole frozen chicken. My son says it’s an “inside joke” of the band mates. Hmmm. OK. Here is the joke on the grill.

Chux on the Barbie! [Did I get that right, Aussie readers?]

Chux on the Barbie! [Did I get that right, Aussie readers?]

~ I took five minutes to discuss my driving patterns ( I drive about 250 miles per week for work) with the gentleman selling me tires. He listened to me and recommended the $510 tires instead of the $680 tires. And they are probably safer for me too.

~ My 12-year-old compost bin is deteriorating. Partly due to age and sun exposure. Partly due to the raccoons and possums pulling the door off to get to the goodies inside.

You can see the door is cracked in several places.

You can see the door is cracked in several places.

A new one, exactly like this one, at Aldi was $40. So, I “borrowed” the black duct tape from my son again and taped that sucker back together.

Good as new (almost.)

Good as new (almost.)

~  I made Senate Bean Soup with about 60 cents worth of Navy beans, some carrots, celery and garlic that were about to go bad and some salt and pepper. So, 8-10 servings of meals from vegetables rescued from the compost, 10 cents of spices and the beans. Dinner and lunches for most of the week for less than a dollar.

~  my oldest son is giving me his old IPhone 5s. In researching carriers who will provide service for this phone, I discovered that I can reduce my monthly phone payment by about $35. I’ll know for sure how much when I sign up for the new plan.

I just love being efficient with my expenditures.


3 responses to “Three Weeks of Frugals

  1. Your frugal posts really inspire me. Thanks for the updates! We love our mobile carrier: Ting. I’m not sure if it will save you money, but we have five people with phones and it saves us a fortune.

  2. The Navy bean soup sounds delicious and uber-frugal. Can’t beat the cost per serving. Now I want to make some!

  3. Chuck (throw)or chucks it on the barbie (bbq). You did well 🙂
    New Zealanders say it too. Looks yummy.

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