Modern Minimalist Hero

This woman is a new hero of mine. I found her site via Apartment Therapy.

I love her boundless creativity in making her family’s life more efficient and livable.

I completely agree with her about vertical storage and repeating patterns and using one kind of drink ware and all white dishes and…..much more. I like that she explains the science of these choices to us.

I notice that she lives in St. Paul. Maybe I’ll get to meet her some time when I go to get my daughter at college.


9 responses to “Modern Minimalist Hero

  1. I liked her website a lot, but I really did not like her piece about hiring a domestic helper for $40/week when living abroad–specifically the comments about how “complicated” it is to fill out paperwork when hiring domestic employees in the U.S. This did not sit well with me at all.

    • Hmmm….I did not see that post. I will look for it.
      I believe one of the many, many benefits of minimalism is that when we reduce to the essentials, we can take care of our own stuff and there is no need to hire people to do it for us.

      • Fawn, I absolutely agree with you. But I also think it’s fine to hire people if you need help, especially in a culture like she did, where it gave someone a job and income. My problem was with her comments about the way it works in the U.S–we have workman’s comp. and unemployment benefits because it helps workers! So yes, it’s more complicated to hire people. I think the rest of her blog is really cool. But I’m such a huge fan of your website– I have to say I think you do it best!

  2. Hi Fawn, Your new hero sounds terrific. Would you link to the Apt Therapy article? Thanks!

  3. Correction – the link is here. But it didn’t travel to the email. Wonders of modern communication, eh?

  4. Found her exaggerations a bit troubling and over-the-top opinions like “•Ecosystems are destroyed when cleaning far recesses of the house (think spiderwebs).” Really, spider webs! I don’t mind getting rid of spider webs because I don’t like having spiders in my home. And by the way, the French don’t just eat French food! Geez, her comments are mostly clichés making her sound like an ignorant fool.

  5. I read about this lady and her family a while back, but didn’t know she had a website. Thanks so much for sharing!! She has some great insights. I loved her post about lessons in simplicity from Nicaragua.

  6. Thanks for sharing, Fawn! I enjoyed her website. Plus I needed a new blog to read in between your postings 🙂

  7. Thank you, Fawn, for posting this. I’m enjoying reading her blog, and it’s very fun to read others’ ideas on all these things dear to my heart!

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