End of Summer Project

We have had superb weather in central Illinois this fall, enabling me to finish one last outdoor project before the annual raking of the leaves begins.

"JULIE" has given me permission to dig

“JULIE” has given me permission to dig

I have tried several different types of plantings over the years for this sad little patch of ground. I tried tomatoes and green peppers. The squirrels got all the tomatoes and the bunnies wouldn’t even let the pepper plants have a leaf, before chewing it down to one little stalk nubbin. Then, I tried various types of flowers over the years, but there were two things that killed the flowers: this area is sheltered by eaves on two sides, so it doesn’t get much rainfall. And the hose is stored directly above it, so if a kid took the hose off the hook to wash a car, or I did so to water some far off part of the garden, it would crush whatever was growing there. So, I gave up on plant life and decided on a Zen rock garden.

I feel kind of "Meh" about it. But it's done.

I feel kind of “Meh” about it. But it’s done.


2 responses to “End of Summer Project

  1. I’m a professional landscape designer and I think you chose the best solution here! Gravel is always crisp and elegant.

  2. I like it!

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