Perhaps you have heard the adage that home construction takes twice as much time and 30% more money that the original estimate. It has been true for this house remodel I am doing.

I haven’t started on the upstairs bathroom yet because I’m still working on the dining room and I don’t want to spread myself to thin. The dining room is almost done. I’m just waiting for the second half of the new chairs. There was a shipping error.

In the meantime, I am keeping myself busy with two other tasks particular to November: the leaf raking and Christmas.

In my town, we have free yard waste pick-up in the month of November, and my neighborhood has many large deciduous trees. I usually devote 2-3 days to the task.

As for Christmas, over the years, I have winnowed the crazy cultural frenzy that goes on here to just the parts that I love and have meaning to me. (I’ll write on the topic a little later.) One of the aspects of Christmas I love, is getting gifts for my kids.

My eldest son, daughter-in-law and granddaughter are coming here for Thanksgiving and will travel to her family for the Christmas holiday. I will send their gifts home with them when they come later this month to save the shipping fees.

Wrapped and ready to go.

Wrapped and ready to go.


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