Middle Son Decluttering Project

I have informed my children of my plans to sell the house this summer. They are in agreement, no one seems too sad about it. Middle son plans to be overseas this summer when the house selling occurs. Because I do not want to have more work than absolutely necessary, I asked him to go through his boxes of stuff, to make sure I did not move twice something that he was just going to get rid of once it made it to it’s final destination. Hoo Boy! What a great idea that was. He and I spent 5 hours, going through his stuff. Here are the items he wanted to go to Goodwill:

2015-12-22 15.25.51

And here’s what he wanted to keep:

2015-12-27 08.17.34.jpg

You can’t see it in the photo, but the boxes are all labeled with his name, making the move easier.


7 responses to “Middle Son Decluttering Project

  1. Wow! Good Job!

  2. amazing! you guys did an awesome job ! that’s real smart getting them started to downsize now – lessen the stress for you 🙂

  3. Wow, not bad. He did a good job. It must feel great.

  4. Looks great! What room is in the first photo, the kitchen? Is that a fridge under the counter? It looks like a nice space whatever it is.

    • That is the kitchen, which only got partially remodeled when I did it 3-4 years ago. That is the fridge under the counter…something I need to change to make the house more marketable

      • Is that your only fridge? That is very cool! We’ve lived out of a little fridge like that in Europe with no problem. It’s really all one needs. But I agree, other folks who buy your house will want a big one. I really like your cabinets–they look like something you see in Dwell magazine.

  5. Yep. It’s the only fridge. And the cabinets were on sale. Who says cool can’t be frugal?

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