Daughter Declutter Project

And here I thought I wasn’t going to get much work done while the kids are home. Ha! Everybody is in decluttering mode. Lucky me!

Beloved daughter went through her stuff (something she does almost every time she is home) and found the following items to release to the universe.

2015-12-30 16.12.32

There were a few things that did not make it into the photo: a pair of boots, some books.

And yes, that is her confirmation dress hanging off the drawer handle. And yes, I did sew it for her according to her design.

But I am not a sentimental person, and the dress has served its function. Beloved daughter can’t wear it and some little girl, whose mother shops at Goodwill, will put it in her dress-up box and she can play princess or bride or “I’m going to the prom” all day long, until the thing is in tatters and that will make me more happy than for it to grow moldy in a closet.




7 responses to “Daughter Declutter Project

  1. Hi Fawn
    Great progress and to have your daughter declutter as well? BIG WIN!
    That’s awesome that both you and your daughter are ready to donate her dress to a better cause. I’m about to donate my wedding dress to a great cause since I have no longer have a use for it anymore (I’ve put on weight since getting married so I”m lucky if I can fit at least one leg in it!) It’s helped tremendously that I only spent $100 on it – absolute steal!

    What I am keeping is the veil my mom handmade can could not replicate (someone tried asking her to do it again and she said it was a sporadic moment and was made out of love and couldn’t replicate it even if she tried. The veil is very light and compact so storing it wont be a problem. I hope to one day pass it on to my brother’s future bride if she wants to wear it or his future daughter.

    One thing I have always noticed when giving something away. I have friends and family members that almost feel offended that I want to MY items away – as if I’m tossing it away (donating to them feels like tossing it in the trash). So often times I have to donate items in stealth mode (they know my ‘donation piles’ in my home so they always look through it. Its annoying but it doesn’t prevent me from donating. So I’m glad your kids have taken up decluttering – that in my eyes is a HUGE HUGE win!

    Thanks for posting pictures and writing


  2. Good for her! I have been in this “release to the universe” kind of mood right now as well. Both at home and work. It feels so good to donate things no longer needed.

  3. I see the cat is in the Goodwill pile, lol. My cats do the same thing.

  4. I enjoy de cluttering in the winter time. I live in Canada and there sometimes isn’t much you can do when the weather is dismal. The great thing is that when Spring actually arrives and brings with it good weather and opportunities to be outdoors, you can take advantage of it. Who wants to spend the first few sunny days of Spring de cluttering?!

  5. Oh no! Not the cat! He he. Great job, looks like you two had fun also.

  6. I just read two great minimizing books. One is called Paris Letters, about somebody who simplified her life to be able to quit her job and move to Paris. And the other is Marie Kondo’s new book, Spark Joy: An Illustrated Master Class on the Art of Organizing and Tidying Up. Inspiring like your blog!

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