Bathroom Remodel Day 5 & Day 6

At the end of day 5, I had cut in to trashcan sized pieces the old shower stall and had removed the toilet (saved, to re-install after cleaning it up) and the vanity, which was given to one of the workmen who admired it.


Workman? You say. Yes. I have so much to do before May 1st, and I knew that I was going to hire our some of it, like the plumbing and the asbestos removal. I got a couple quotes on having someone else do the tile and I decided it was worth it. Boy! They work so much faster than I do. At the end of day 6, the cement board was up and the plumbing ready for the tile guy.


The workman also moved the window up, so as not to cut off the top of the curve of the outside arch.


I’m quite pleased with the progress. And now that I have helpers, it should move much faster now. Yeah!


One response to “Bathroom Remodel Day 5 & Day 6

  1. This looks good so far.

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