The Kitchen is Complete

This project took a looong time. Years. About 5 years ago, I reconfigured the kitchen to fit the way I live and cook: no upper cabinets, a small  under counter fridge. A gas stove/oven. There was no dishwasher, as I prefer to wash them by hand.

When I decided to sell the house, I knew my lack of a dishwasher and half fridge would hurt my ability to sell. So I bought a dishwasher (on sale for $480) and a smallish traditional fridge (on sale for $548) and had them installed. I painted everything, including the trim around the windows, which was the one thing from the original remodel that I had never gotten to. I installed some shelves for dishes. Here are the results.


I love the white on white of these


desk with file and office supply drawers to left


gas stove and vent


new fridge and pantry

The dishwasher was installed in the spot where my half fridge used to be.


I’m still washing dishes by hand, as I prefer that way.



19 responses to “The Kitchen is Complete

  1. Wash some dishes in the D/W, you can re-wash by hand if you must. But make sure it works while it is still in warranty.

    • I did. The dishwasher came with two hard knobs of dishwasher soap and I de-cluttered them by washing two loads and then going back to my preferred method. 🙂

  2. Beautiful job! Great design and thought, and I love the clean lines. Well done!

  3. Love this! Especially the white dishes on the white shelves on the white wall. Well done.

  4. I love it!

  5. Love it. Interesting how it works over there. Here in the UK it’s quite acceptable to not include ‘white goods’ (dishwasher etc) in a house sale, and generally the more bare and minimal a house, the better it sells as it allows the buyer greater flexibility. Good luck with it!

  6. Beautiful & calming!

  7. Very clean and pretty. I love it.

  8. It looks wonderful! Great job! I prefer washing dishes by hand, too.

  9. Beautiful kitchen! Thanks so much for sharing these lovely pics! My fav is the one with the white shelves. Oh so lovely!

  10. Love the kitchen but the lack of cupboards may affect sales. Also, I would use the dishwasher at least once a month as the seals can shrink if you don’t. My condo board sends out monthly notices/activities newsletters stating that about dishwashers. Your kitchen looks very peaceful and beautiful and I plan on doing the same for my next place — all white walls.

  11. Looks beautiful! I love those shelves. Is putting all this work into your house making you wish you were staying?

    • Several people have mentioned this idea to me…but no. This house has been a wonderful home for me and the children. This phase of our life, where we all live together is coming to a close. We don’t need all this space. Some other young family does. And it makes me happy to prepare our home, in a beautiful fashion, to pass on, to shelter another family. I will create a new space for myself. It will be beautiful and less work and money to maintain. I hope to blog about that process for you all.

  12. Do you remember which shade of white you used? Which paint company?

  13. This is lovely. Perhaps you would consider adding two more shelves for dishes on another wall to appeal to buyers who will almost certainly need a bit more upper storage? Otherwise, I think it looks quite nice.

  14. Beautiful. It looks so relaxing to me to have such a clean and tidy place… 🙂

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