Bathroom Done!

View from the bedroom

View from the bedroom


The wall tiles are 8″ x 12″. You can see part of the glass wall to the right.


2″ tiles on the shower floor


These are the floor tiles, they are 12″ x 12″. Same pattern.


The cleaned and refurbished toilet. The paper holder, towel holders, faucet and shower fixtures are all brushed silver. The towels were ones that middle son had returned from college.


Here you can see through the glass wall. Up above on the left is the bar that holds the wall secure. I guess you could throw wet towels over it to dry.

It is definitely an improvement. What did all this cost? Here’s a breakdown:

Tile:            $655.54

Fixtures:    $297.85

Paint:          $ 75.88

Misc:            $ 14.26

Vanity:        $319.00

Glass door: $987.34

Labor:        $5,025.00

Total:         $7,374.87

Was it worth it? Well, only the sale price of the house will tell the story. But with the complete gutting and redo of the bath and the master bedroom, I will advertise the house as having a completely redone master suite.

The kids are pleased with the new bath, though no one has used the new shower yet. (I did test the water to make sure the hot water was strong enough, per a request from middle son, away at school.)


9 responses to “Bathroom Done!

  1. Congratulations, Fawn!!!!

  2. Well done, that has turned out beautiful!

  3. Glad to see a new post Fawn. The remodelled bathroom looks beautiful, very peaceful and calm. I have been purging quite a lot of things lately and going through all your archives to spur me on. I hope the house sale goes well and that we will see more posts soon for further motivation. Thanks for all the inspiration you provide. Gill.

  4. This looks beautiful Fawn, well done! I will cross the fingers for you to get a quick and worries-free sale at a good price!

  5. Beautiful!

  6. Gorgeous.

  7. Excellent job. Just wish you were in my city because I’d buy your house asap!!

  8. How clean and lovely!

  9. The bath looks gorgeous!

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