What Does A Minimalist Wear to the Hospice Gala?

The same thing that she wears to other formal occasions, with different accessories.

The classic black dress.


Party Girl!

I wear this dress to weddings, funerals, any occasion that requires I be more dressed up that my usual day to day. Since I only have a couple events like this per year, nobody notices that I am wearing the same thing. I am particularly fond of this black dress due to its classic and flattering cut, it is washable and it has pockets! I love the pockets. I put my Gala ticket in one and my keys in the other. The sandals are mine. The necklace is borrowed. The hairstyle and earrings are what I wear every day.


15 responses to “What Does A Minimalist Wear to the Hospice Gala?

  1. Fawn, You look so nice! The dimples are your best accessory!

  2. Yes, you look great!
    And as for pockets: every dress, every skirt, every pair of pants should have pockets!

    • Agreed! Every outfit should have pockets.

    • Lands End has 100% cotton pants in 4 lengths, DEEP POCKETS, elastic waist, called Sports Knit pants for just under $30 ea. I’ve worn them exclusively for 15 years. A cotton jacket, also black, comprises my wedding/funeral outfit, usually with black Birkenstocks. You look fetching, Fawn!

  3. Great LBD–you look fantastic! Have fun at the fancy ‘do!

  4. Tres chic! I love dresses with pockets.

  5. Perfect.

  6. Very elegant! I especially love love love the shoes! I use the same strategy as you. I have three outfit that I use for formal occasions. Yes, three but I have worn them for the last 10 years or so. Nobody notices, I still get compliments when I wear them asking me if it is new. Two of them are somewhat strechy so I could even wear them when pregnant!

  7. You look beautiful! Great outfit!

  8. Fawn, you look gorgeous!! And I miss your annual count, it’s always so inspiring!

  9. You look terrific! Black is such a great colour because you can change the look with scarves or jewellery.

  10. You look very elegant and lovely.

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