Garage Lamp Success

I’m still working on the home remodel. Plus extra shifts at work, as a couple nurses have been off for medical leave and honeymoons and stuff like that.

There is a lot that I do that is not very photo worthy (vacuuming the fans, fixing the bathroom light switch to sit flush with the wall, oiling the back door hinges), but today, I tackled an eyesore that has been bothering me for years.

The outdoor garage light.



Finished elegant black!

And I had to overcome 2 of my fears! Being up on the tall, scary ladder and my head inches away from those electrical wires. Which is the true reason that I left this job for years!

See how tough I am!


4 responses to “Garage Lamp Success

  1. I applaud your initiative to face your fears & show us how tough you are! Looks great! Nice upgrade.

  2. Fancy and elegant. Way to go! Amazing what a little paint can do!

  3. And it always looks slimmer in black 🙂

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