Entry Remodel

Here’s what it looked like before:


1936 light fixture. Also you can see the 1972 era wallpaper and where I started painting the ceiling.


New light and a fresh coat of paint on ceiling and walls.


Here you can see the peeling wallpaper and the light switch which was originally black, but had been painted over.


Fresh paint and new light switch.


Cracked plaster on the east wall.


I filled in the cracks and left the uneven texture. I gave everything a coat of paint and added the borrowed furniture you see.

The painters have started on the outside. The house will be ready for market soon.

3 responses to “Entry Remodel

  1. Nice job!

  2. It looks so fresh and nice but I cannot help to think that the 1936 light fixture would have been a great asset to sell and market the house. We bought our home mainly because there were original old style faucets in it. Over here, these kind of thing are very much sought after. This kind of lamp in good condition sells for at least $250-300.

    • You are correct, the original fixtures and hardwoods help sell. The wiring was bad in the fixture. It would have cost $100 to have it wired up to code.

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