2016 Count: 79 Items

Woo Hoo! I’m feeling confident that as I transition from sharing a space with children into solo living in a travel trailer that I will be able to keep my count of items below 100. That has been my goal for years. It is so close, I can taste it. It has oaken/solid undertones with a hint of freedom and lots of aroma of affection.

Miscellaneous Items  (#14)


Back to front: laundry basket, suitcase, coffee pot (with cup for staging) backpack (which gets used as an overnight bag, a lunch box, a purse and a shopping bag,) towel, glass case, sunglasses, glasses and wallet, Christmas stocking and lap top. Not pictured are the car (it looks that same) the cell phone (it is taking the photo) and the bed. Technically, I won’t have a bed after the move. I’ll be sleeping in my son’s while he is in Ireland. Hopefully my trailer will be done before he gets back.

Clothes (#53)


outfits 1 & 2


Outfits 3 & 4


Outfits 5 & 6


outfits 7 & 8


watch, necklace and earrings


swimsuit and sweat shirt


Shoes–5 pair, trimmed down from last year’s 8 pair!


4 (of 5 total) sets of exercise clothes


Basket with 5 pair socks, 5 bras, 5 panties, and a pair of black tights. Gloves and ear warmer nearby.


The all formal occasion black dress and sweater.


Winter coat

And there are 9 wooden hangers in the photos.

Personal Care Items (#11)


Hand made soap, razor, basket, grooming scissors, eyebrow pencil, toothpaste/toothbrush/floss, mascara, foundation, jar of coconut oil, shampoo, nail clippers.

The past year brought a revolution in my personal care products. In the fall, I developed a persistent and itchy rash. It continued through 2 rounds of steroids. I eventually went to an allergist, who’s testing revealed that I am allergic to many chemicals in personal care products. So, I have switched to products that have natural elements, that I am not allergic to. The soap is hand-made with olive oil. The coconut oil I use as a make-up remover, skin lotion, hair de-frizzer, and lip balm. If only I could brush my teeth with it……

I am so excited by my progress. I hope you all are as well.



This is my hair clip. They come in a package of 2 and break easily–so sometimes I have 2 and sometimes I have 1.

I have edited the original post (both the number and added the last photo) as astute reader Elizabeth asked about my hair care routine, and I realized I had left something off the count. Other than the shampoo and coconut oil already mentioned, this is my only hair product. I finger comb my hair (though as it gets longer, I will likely buy a comb.) I let it air dry, and when it is dry, I use the above pictured thingie to clip it up.




29 responses to “2016 Count: 79 Items

  1. As always, Fawn, you are an inspiration! (And thanks for posting this once again.)

  2. Jenny Chicago

    Thank You so much for posting! I really look forward to your posts since it acts as a visual motivator to keep things simple and minimal. Congrats on the sale of your home and your transition to tiny home living!

  3. bluelightreflections

    I’m really interested in the whole travel trailer thing! Not sure if you use Instagram or not, but there are a lot of great accounts by people who live full-time in converted vans, etc. Very inspirational stuff!

    But I’m curious if you’ll be living in yours year round and how weather will factor in. Very excited to see your progress! Congrats on the house sale!

    • I will live in mine year round, and one of the reasons to gut an old trailer and reconfigure it is to do the insulation and heating and cooling systems effectively.

  4. This is so interesting! Do you have no sentimental items or papers? How does that work? Do you scan everything into your computer? I am a super minimalist and still have too much…

    • I am a spectacularly unsentimental person. There is a very small box of papers, with mothers day cards hand made by my kids etc. I keep them because it would hurt my kid’s feelings not to. Therefore I do not count them as my stuff, but as kids stuff.

  5. WTG!! You continue to live your values and show fools like me that it can be done. Keep on keepin’ on!

    And congrats on the successful reno and sale of your house. Great job!

  6. Wow! Your personal count is really low. Will you be doing a kitchen count
    once more before your move? Good luck with the transition. Can’t wait to see your travel trailer.

  7. You are such an inspiration! Shows us all just how little we need! Please keep us posted on your move & RV renovations.

  8. Although I have never counted my possessions, I know that in the past year the number has increased.

    Thanks for reminding me about coconut oil..I’ve got into a bad habit of ‘needing’ lots of products..time to simplify! Currently I use it to make deodorant (mixed with arrowroot powder and bicarbonate of soda) but must return to using it as a moisturiser etc…

  9. Love it! Once again, you continue to inspire me, Fawn! Also, congratulations on the sale of your house.

  10. Would you mind sharing your recipe for the handmade soap? I would love to make my own and save lots of money as I now spend $6 a bar for Kiss My Face olive oil soap.

    • I’m not making the soap I use. I buy it for $5 from the Fair Trade store.

      • Oops, I made an error — the soap is $6 for 3 bars. I am so inspired by your count but find it difficult to go from three coats (long winter, short winter, rain/spring/fall) to one and the shoes as well. I’ve inherited my mother’s desire to have shoes that match whatever I’m wearing; however, I’m much closer to your count than Imelda Marcos (remember the former Phillipines’ president’s wife — when they invade their home after their arrest, she had over 1,000 pairs of shoes!) Looking forward to the kitchen count!

  11. Forgot to ask you when I left a reply earlier…Will you be taking the cats with you on your trips? Or will one of the kids be keeping them?

    • Well…. I am taking the cats to the apartment. One of them is having some heart trouble and they are both 14 years old. I have offered to give them to the kids with a stipend for vet bills, expenses…but so far, none of the kids is in a position to have pets. So–we will just see how the cats are faring and if any kid wants to take them when it is time to hit the road.

  12. Always enjoy this – food for thought!
    I am reducing all the time, not as far as you, though, well done!
    I use almond oil and have a bottle of Dr. Bronners I’m quite enjoying experimenting with, though I also have a simple shampoo, too. I stopped using a lot of other stuff and it’s really simple, which I love.
    Anyway, congrats on selling your house so fast and good luck with future plans, dying to see how you get on, you are indeed a positive role model 🙂
    We just had a longish sailing holiday and it’s amazing how little we needed, despite having all weathers to contend with, the only problem was dampness – drying stuff when it rained more than a day and condensation overnight when temps dropped…

  13. You can indeed make toothpaste from coconut oil, there are loads of recipe on the internet and they mainly use ingredients that you already have at home. Baking soda, essential oil, etc.
    I don’t know if I have ever commented on your blog but I have been reading it for a year and I really have been enjoying everything (I even went back to read all the articles published before I discovered your blog). Thank you for sharing with us 🙂

  14. what about dishes?

    • In the apartment–which is still a homestead/transitional space–I will probably have the same white dishes as before….but when I move into my independent/alone travel trailer…I expect that it will be dishes for only one person. Maybe two mugs if I am feeling social…..

  15. Hi Fawn, I’m so inspired by your move and was looking back at your list here. Trying to cull my own possessions. How do you deal with your hair? I have a whole drawer full of brushes and a hair dryer and so forth. Thanks a lot, Elizabeth

    • Elizabeth, I have edited the post to answer your question, and correct the count. Thanks for keeping me honest!

      • Thanks for saying I am astute, but really I’m just a major fan. I am letting my gray-tinged hair grow out from bleached blonde highlights after I saw your posts awhile back about it. I am impressed even more that you don’t need a brush! And I am truly not trying to challenge you, but can I ask about just one last thing– about athletic shoes? What do you wear on your feet to workout? I’m asking because I used to be in a “bootcamp” class but am trying to work out a new program for the future. In the summer my daughter and I swim, so no shoes needed. Can I ask what you do?

  16. Elizabeth–it you look back to the photo of my shoes, you will see a pair of black canvas slip-ons. I wear those both for work outs at the gym and to work (when I must wear closed toed shoes in the heat of summer.–by OSHA regulations….) I do not do high-impact exercises (for old-lady reasons) so I do not need fancy-pants shoes. Please adjust your items to your own body and life-style.

    • Thanks for these details. It’s true, I couldn’t work out or work in those kinds of shoes. I use running shoes and walking shoes for exercise and gardening. I’d love to eliminate them, but I have very needy feet! All best wishes for your new apartment and final trailer. So great.

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