Decluttering Before The Move

Here are a few of the things that have left my home this week–and where they have gone.

6 responses to “Decluttering Before The Move

  1. Wow! You’ve been busy. I love that black wrought iron chair…too bad I don’t live closer…

  2. You’ve inspired me to declutter even more. I went through my china hutch and kitchen cupboards and decided to sell my and my mother’s china and silver items. I was keeping them for sentimental reasons but have now realized that I’m not all that sentimental after all but have just been feeling guilty because I’m not 🙂 Since I’m retiring soon, I would prefer to have the money instead of these items that have been kept stored in cupboards and never used, and I would prefer to travel than use the china.

    • Kelly–I so totally get this. I would also rather travel than collect dinner ware. In fact, when I got married, I insisted–No Silver! It had been my teenage year’s chore to polish my mother’s silver that only got used every other Thanksgiving.. These were the moments that sparked my minimalism.

  3. I did a sentimental decluttering a few years ago. Before my mom died, she passed on to me a few family items, things that had been handmade by long ago family that already had died before I was born. Unsure of what to do with these items (no kids of my own, nieces & nephews not interested), I donated a few of these things to our local historical society. My mothers’ family lived in this area a long time, so rather than sell the items I was glad that the historical society would be able to use these pieces that were appropriate for this area. Just kidding about wanting the chair…it seems like I constantly have a small pile of donations for our local thrift shop.

    • Historical society seems the perfect place for those items that have historical significance…but are a burden to the individual. Good job!

  4. Too bad about your mattress! I was lucky with my last move…some guy from Craigslist took a few pieces of small furniture I didn’t need and he actually asked if my mattress was for sale. It wasn’t in as good of shape like your mattress so I gave it to him for free.

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