Moving Starts Tomorrow

Tomorrow, I get the keys to the apartment and will start moving the items that fit in my car. Including this mountain of boxes that belong to my daughter and middle son. My daughter is in St. Petersburg, USSR studying and middle son is in St. Louis, working.


At least they were kind enough to box things up before they left town.

Since we are all sort of in transition, the easily portable, labeled boxes will come in handy in the coming year. When beloved daughter comes home in August, she will be packing up virtually all her things, including some furniture not pictured here to move to her own apartment for her final year of undergraduate studies. Middle son, will be leaving in August for a 10 month study abroad program in Ireland. So, his stuff will stay with me while he is away.

On Friday, my brother and his wife are driving down from Chicago to help youngest son and me move the bigger items with a rented truck. We will spend the night in the new apartment. They are bringing their own air bed. Saturday, we will celebrate my 57th birthday!

Exciting times!

21 responses to “Moving Starts Tomorrow

  1. Happy move, Fawn! So glad to hear this major transition is going so well. Minimalism does indeed pay off! 🙂

  2. Can’t wait to see your new digs!!

  3. Can’t wait to see your new home. Hope the move goes well. Happy Birthday!

  4. How exciting! Happy Birthday!! Can’t wait to see how it all goes 😀

  5. How exciting! I love moving (aside from the heavy lifting). Happy birthday!

  6. Yay! How exciting! Happy birthday, and hope all goes well this weekend.

  7. Good luck with your move! And a wonderful 58th year to you! It must feel like a new beginning to move after all these year in the house! If you feel like, I would be interested to know more about your thoughts on that. Was it about 15 years that you spent in the house? Were you as minimalist as you are today from the start? Did you like the house? You mentionned you are not a sentimental person, do you feel any bit nostalgic or not at all? Do you link the house with the childhood of your children or don’t you think about that so much? … Only if you feel like and if / when you have the time to write (I guess you are pretty busy right now!)

    • Well, I have just gotten connected to the internet from my new digs. What better way to celebrate than to answer a few of your questions? We bought the house in summer of 2002, following my divorce. So we have been in it for 14 years. And you are correct, those years represent the majority of the childhood of the younger three. I have lived in about 20 homes (apartments, houses, servants quarters of mansions) so far. This house has been my hands-down favorite in terms of style, location, architecture, etc. I love that house. And it has been a very happy time in my life, raising the last three children there. But they are growing up and moving away. And a house is a lot of work for one person. And there are so many other things that I want to experience without the anchor of a house. Plus, the equity in the house will pay for college for 3 years! I was more minimalist before I bought the house. A house (like kids) needs stuff–a lawn mower, a hose, a shovel, furniture, etc. I have had a couple of sad moments, but the overwhelming feeling has been one of freedom. I probably will never buy a house again. Me and the kids will find other places to gather in the future. For me, wherever we are together–that is home.

  8. All the very best wishes for your move and the new phase of your life! You have done everything you possibly could to make the transition a smooth one 🙂 I guess we are all agog to hear what comes next…

    • Shucks! And thanks! I plan to start a new blog, when I buy the travel trailer and start to remodel it…and of course, I will send you all the link to the new blog. And I will always do my yearly count…..

      • Your blog is the only one I ever subscribed to. So please don’t end it without a little notice. I will be mourning it! I am not saying I will not follow your next blog, it is just that I have never been interested in travel blogs, so your blog change scares me 😉
        I just have a suggestion: it woul be great if you did a last post in Q&A style, where we could ask random questions both about practical aspects of minimalism and around the idea that it is such a powerful force for many of us.

      • Beatrice–e-mail me your questions at and I will answer them in a future post. And by the way, this blog is supposed to be about single parenting–but most of my followers are minimalists! I’m guessing that a travel blog by me will have lots of minimalist thoughts…it’s just how I am wired.

  9. Wow! This is exciting. Happy Birthday!

  10. and we are all excited for you. Happy Birthday to you and hope things go
    smoothly with your move into the apartment. Can’t wait to see your new place. also, i hope your daughter has a good experience in St. Petersburg.
    my daughter spent almost 5 months there in her junior year of college. i would love to compare notes with you sometime. all the best moving forward.

    • Thank you. So far, all I have from my daughter is a link to some photos and a couple e-mails. I’m hoping she has more to share when she gets home.

  11. Congratulations on the move and happy birthday! .I always get excited when I hear packing tape and see boxes accumulate. I guess it must excite me since I’ve move 24 times in 58 years!

  12. Donna Isgriggs

    I wish you well during your big change.  Thanks again for your blog.  I have enjoyed it for a long while now.  You can’t read everything that is good but your blog has made my own personal “always read” list.

  13. Happy birthday! Cannot wait until you share what is next for you!

  14. Happy Birthday, Fawn 🙂

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