My New Closet

I commandeered the coat closet in the living room for my own.


This makes me happy! It is the perfect size for me.

And here is that mountain of boxes that belong to the kids in the bedroom closet.

7 responses to “My New Closet

  1. Fawn omg I’m soooo happy for you!!!

    Congrats! and again thanks for posting a picture of your closet – now I’m motivated to declutter some more this morning!

  2. The closet looks great, it’s so neat and streamlined. Cannot wait for an apartment tour 🙂

  3. That closet is the perfect size for you! Looks great! As Jenny said it also motivates me to declutter more. Can’t wait to see the rest of your new home!

  4. Your closet looks so filled with joy! What a gift to hold onto your children’s things while they’re living through periods of change and transition. We all need to be loved and supported at whatever stage we’re at in our relationship to “stuff”.

  5. Love the look of your new closet. I have put my six-drawer dresser (although narrow drawers) up for sale after being inspired by you. Most of the drawers are half full and one is empty to why hang onto it when I could fit what’s there in a basket in my closet. Looking forward to seeing the rest of the apartment for more inspiring photos!!

  6. Love it! I need to go declutter now….. : )

  7. How perfect – I am desperately keen to get rid of a lot of furniture and you are so inspiring!

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