A Celebration!

I closed on the house today. Imagine carrying two buckets filled with water, one in each hand for five miles. When you reach your destination, you set the buckets down and your weary arms, relieved of their burden, seem to float up of their own accord.

That is how I feel today. Relieved of a burden that I have carried for a long time. Floating. And then a friend dropped by to celebrate with me: the house closing and my recent birthday.


My friend brought flowers (and she loaned me a vase) and sparkling wine and raspberries.


This little porch is my favorite space in the new apartment. It feels very private due to the trees. I have been having my morning coffee here each day.


This is the view of my little porch from the dining room. See? It is like being in a tree house!

15 responses to “A Celebration!

  1. WTG! Small space and limited family responsibilities – a new phase of life. Enjoy it!

  2. Congratulations, Fawn! I’m so happy for you. I love your photos. Enjoy your new home and your weightless shoulders!

  3. What a wonderful feeling that must be. Thank you for describing it. SO happy for you and your new adventure. Your way of life has brought you many rewards.

  4. Way to go! Congratulations! I really enjoyed following your journey to here.

  5. Glad you feel relief from your burden. Sounds like you had a wonderful celebration with your friend. Love your little porch!

  6. congratulations! Moving can so often be stressful but when you really pare down what you own, it seems almost seamless.

  7. Wow! You’ve been busy. This spot looks sooooo cozy. Are there birds you’ve been able to watch in those trees yet? How peaceful.

  8. Soo happy for you and the relief you feel! Woohoo! Love your “tree house” like apartment!! Onward and upward!!

  9. Love the porch! Congratulations on the closing. Hope we will see more pics of your new place!!

  10. Congratulations! Morning coffee on the balcony! I am very envious of that! I had that chance for a couple of years but I don ‘t have it anymore…

  11. So pleased things are working out for you! Just a little envious, my life feels “burdened” at the moment but then that’s how it goes, isn’t it?! But I can have my tea on my balcony among the trees in the morning sun, so not really much to complain about 🙂

  12. Congrats again on your birthday and for selling the house so quickly. Your balcony looks like a great place to think and write and wasn’t it nice of the squirrel to pop by to say hello! I have two lovely trees next to my balcony and I get to watch a squirrel chase two birds back and forth. They come back every year and spend the summer with me 🙂

  13. so happy for you to live the way you really want. Love those lights on your back porch. So cute!

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