The Living Room (Space)

Since this apartment has an open floor plan between the living and dining spaces, we will just call this the “couch area.” How’s that?

9 responses to “The Living Room (Space)

  1. Looks like a calm, restful area to come home to. And the small uncluttered area will be a breeze to clean! (Is that blue bird the carved one you talk about on previous posts? Or did I read that you gave the bird to a friend?)

    • I was wondering the same thing about the bird! Maybe the friend gave her it back?!

    • This blue bird was a piece of staging for the old house, but my daughter wants it for her apartment. I’ll have to rearrange the shelves after she gets her stuff in August.

  2. I LOVE it! Very zen!

  3. I love it too. You are causing me to reminisce about my apartment I had when my husband and I first got together. Where is the horse Head?

    • You guys are so observant! He is on another little table in the living room. One that my daughter will take will her in August, but I will get some photos up soon, so you can see more of the space as it is now.

  4. I love it as well — such a calming space — inspiring me to downsize even more!

  5. So simple and peaceful! Very good idea with a wifi cabinet! I will try that at home, I hate all the wires….

  6. Thanks for posting pictures as an example to us all!

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