The Guest Bedroom

Here is the bedroom that has my daughter and son’s things stored in it. I’m sleeping on this bed while they are away. I’ve bought a gel foam mattress for me to sleep on when they are here, but I haven’t sewn the cover for it yet. I’ve got a month to get that done.

6 responses to “The Guest Bedroom

  1. Nice room too! Very restful space! Thanks for sharing more photos.

  2. Love it, so peaceful.

  3. congrats to you! you are making such amazing progress! p.s. I still revert to your 2015/2016 count list – I love those pics – it is very inspirational and motivational! thanks so much!

  4. We miss you, Fawn.

    • SunnyDays–I am taking a much needed break. Then I hope to buy my travel trailer in a month or so and start transforming it. And of course I will have photos!

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