I have been a parent for 32 years and a single one for 27 of the those. I have four children, one grown, two at college and one in high school. This blog is about how we make it work,  and the fun along the way.

I work part-time, about 32-36 hours/week. My only debt is a mortgage. I save 11% of my income for retirement.

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  1. It’s so great to see a minimalism blog from a single mom. As a single mom Im learning that minimalism is the only way for me to parent my kids in the best way I can. Loved the green high heels post!

  2. Dear Fawn,
    Your blog has inspired me to take my family’s and my life to a higher level of simplicity. When I go to declutter a room, I view your pictures first. I have shared your site with my husband and children so they can understand what I am aiming for. We too, work and live on a very tight budget. I, too, want the time I spend on home maintenance to be only that which is necessary.
    Honestly, I just want more time with my family and to enjoy each day.

    The hard work is starting to pay off. My husband now says “Go ahead!” when I want to get rid of a space waster/time killing object. We have spent more time together this summer as a family than ever before. My children feel the difference.
    Next up, I will be tackling our food budget.

    Your blog is one of the most effective tools I have found to help me peel our lives down to simplicity. And I am still learning.
    I can’t thank you enough. I wish you and your family all the best.

  3. Dear Fawn,
    After I read somewhere on your blog about your getting a book written last year (It was a throwaway line in a post about something else), I tried to find out more about the book. Your full name is not on the blog, so It took me a while – I finally looked at your “uncategorized” posts, where I found the link. And, after reading the prologue, I bought the Kindle edition.

    May I suggest that you are being overly modest? I’d say put the link on your home page at least, as well on every page where you mention the book. To be crass, you are leaving money on the table by not making it more accessible. And on the softer side, you are depriving your readers of access to something very useful.

    I loved your prologue. Forty years ago, I was working weekend x-ray call in a teeny hospital (40 beds) in Texas when they brought in a man who had been pinned against his pickup truck by flying sheets of metal when a grain silo exploded. The physician on call was an ophthalmology resident and no one else was any better prepared to deal with the magnitude of his injuries. After I took his x-rays, I stayed on in the ER and held his hand until he died. I wish I had known a way to go out and tell his family he didn’t die all alone.

    • Wow, Lou. On behalf of his family–thank you for staying with him.

      Those people do etch us, do they not?

      I have added a link to the book. Thanks.

  4. Oh, wow, you are so inspiring. It is an overwhelming world we live in sometimes. Seems you work through this with nothing less than grace. I’m thankful I found your blog! I know many who would be encouraged by your efforts and successes.

    • taryn-thank you, you are very kind. The main of the wisdom I have found was shown me by people who were at the end of their life and looking back. Dying people who showed me where to find joy. And passing it along- it increases.

  5. Dear Fawn, thank you for the blog! It’s extremely useful for me. As I’m your foreign reader sometimes it’s difficult for me to express my thoughts but let me try! For several years I’ve been living with the idea that the greatest art in the world is the art to be happy being who you are (not to be yourself but to accept yourself just as you are) and living where you do live. In my opinion you’re a professional in this art! I’m still not..But I think I’m on the right path. Your shining example, optimism, worldly wisdom help me a lot! Please, never give up your blog! And a small request from me, I would like to get more recepies here! You seem to be no more no less but a kitchen fairy )))

  6. I can’t tell you how much I enjoy your blog. I keep it book marked and check it periodically. Love the posts and your down to earth, REAL voice. Thanks for adding a bright spot to my day.

  7. Glad to find another minimalist single mum!

  8. Cheryl Mitchell

    Fawn, I found you from the miss minimalist web site and have gotten so inspired by your words. Thanks and look forward to hearing more on your inspirational journey dealing with life’s little (and big) difficulties.

  9. Hi! Thank you for liking my post.

    What do you enjoy doing most in life?

  10. From one single mom to another – all I can say is “Yeah.”
    Super impressive what you’ve done on your own.

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