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Modern Minimalist Hero

This woman is a new hero of mine. I found her site via Apartment Therapy.

I love her boundless creativity in making her family’s life more efficient and livable.

I completely agree with her about vertical storage and repeating patterns and using one kind of drink ware and all white dishes and…..much more. I like that she explains the science of these choices to us.

I notice that she lives in St. Paul. Maybe I’ll get to meet her some time when I go to get my daughter at college.

Oselo McCarty

Oselo Mcarty

Oselo Mcarty

Oselo Mcarty was born in 1908. She lived and worked in Hattiesburg, Mississippi as a laundress for 75 years. Her formal education ended after she had completed the 6th grade (so approximately 1920) and after that she joined the family business of washing and ironing other people’s clothing. She lived simply and saved. She never married or had children and by the time she was 87 years old, her savings were enough that she started a scholarship and the University of Southern Mississippi with $150,000.

Peace Pilgrim

I’m adding a new category of posts. I’m going to include occasional posts about a minimalist, historical or modern, that I admire.

Peace Pilgrim is such a person.


She was an American woman who walked across the United States between 1953 and 1981 sharing her message of peace. She owned only what she carried in her pockets. You can read more about her here: