The Guest Bedroom

Here is the bedroom that has my daughter and son’s things stored in it. I’m sleeping on this bed while they are away. I’ve bought a gel foam mattress for me to sleep on when they are here, but I haven’t sewn the cover for it yet. I’ve got a month to get that done.


My Son’s Room

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The Living Room (Space)

Since this apartment has an open floor plan between the living and dining spaces, we will just call this the “couch area.” How’s that?

A Celebration!

I closed on the house today. Imagine carrying two buckets filled with water, one in each hand for five miles. When you reach your destination, you set the buckets down and your weary arms, relieved of their burden, seem to float up of their own accord.

That is how I feel today. Relieved of a burden that I have carried for a long time. Floating. And then a friend dropped by to celebrate with me: the house closing and my recent birthday.


My friend brought flowers (and she loaned me a vase) and sparkling wine and raspberries.


This little porch is my favorite space in the new apartment. It feels very private due to the trees. I have been having my morning coffee here each day.


This is the view of my little porch from the dining room. See? It is like being in a tree house!

My New Closet

I commandeered the coat closet in the living room for my own.


This makes me happy! It is the perfect size for me.

And here is that mountain of boxes that belong to the kids in the bedroom closet.

Moving Starts Tomorrow

Tomorrow, I get the keys to the apartment and will start moving the items that fit in my car. Including this mountain of boxes that belong to my daughter and middle son. My daughter is in St. Petersburg, USSR studying and middle son is in St. Louis, working.


At least they were kind enough to box things up before they left town.

Since we are all sort of in transition, the easily portable, labeled boxes will come in handy in the coming year. When beloved daughter comes home in August, she will be packing up virtually all her things, including some furniture not pictured here to move to her own apartment for her final year of undergraduate studies. Middle son, will be leaving in August for a 10 month study abroad program in Ireland. So, his stuff will stay with me while he is away.

On Friday, my brother and his wife are driving down from Chicago to help youngest son and me move the bigger items with a rented truck. We will spend the night in the new apartment. They are bringing their own air bed. Saturday, we will celebrate my 57th birthday!

Exciting times!

Decluttering Before The Move

Here are a few of the things that have left my home this week–and where they have gone.

2016 Count: 79 Items

Woo Hoo! I’m feeling confident that as I transition from sharing a space with children into solo living in a travel trailer that I will be able to keep my count of items below 100. That has been my goal for years. It is so close, I can taste it. It has oaken/solid undertones with a hint of freedom and lots of aroma of affection.

Miscellaneous Items  (#14)


Back to front: laundry basket, suitcase, coffee pot (with cup for staging) backpack (which gets used as an overnight bag, a lunch box, a purse and a shopping bag,) towel, glass case, sunglasses, glasses and wallet, Christmas stocking and lap top. Not pictured are the car (it looks that same) the cell phone (it is taking the photo) and the bed. Technically, I won’t have a bed after the move. I’ll be sleeping in my son’s while he is in Ireland. Hopefully my trailer will be done before he gets back.

Clothes (#53)


outfits 1 & 2


Outfits 3 & 4


Outfits 5 & 6


outfits 7 & 8


watch, necklace and earrings


swimsuit and sweat shirt


Shoes–5 pair, trimmed down from last year’s 8 pair!


4 (of 5 total) sets of exercise clothes


Basket with 5 pair socks, 5 bras, 5 panties, and a pair of black tights. Gloves and ear warmer nearby.


The all formal occasion black dress and sweater.


Winter coat

And there are 9 wooden hangers in the photos.

Personal Care Items (#11)


Hand made soap, razor, basket, grooming scissors, eyebrow pencil, toothpaste/toothbrush/floss, mascara, foundation, jar of coconut oil, shampoo, nail clippers.

The past year brought a revolution in my personal care products. In the fall, I developed a persistent and itchy rash. It continued through 2 rounds of steroids. I eventually went to an allergist, who’s testing revealed that I am allergic to many chemicals in personal care products. So, I have switched to products that have natural elements, that I am not allergic to. The soap is hand-made with olive oil. The coconut oil I use as a make-up remover, skin lotion, hair de-frizzer, and lip balm. If only I could brush my teeth with it……

I am so excited by my progress. I hope you all are as well.



This is my hair clip. They come in a package of 2 and break easily–so sometimes I have 2 and sometimes I have 1.

I have edited the original post (both the number and added the last photo) as astute reader Elizabeth asked about my hair care routine, and I realized I had left something off the count. Other than the shampoo and coconut oil already mentioned, this is my only hair product. I finger comb my hair (though as it gets longer, I will likely buy a comb.) I let it air dry, and when it is dry, I use the above pictured thingie to clip it up.



House: SOLD!

These are exciting times for this minimalist.

I listed the house, and within 48 hours had a full price offer. The home inspection has occurred and now we wait for the closing next month. Moving day will be my birthday, the day I usually do my annual count. I’ll count my stuff a couple of weeks early and post the photos like I do each year.

Here’s a few things I’m not going to count because I’m not taking them with me when I move:

The tall ladder for cleaning the gutters. The lawn mower. The rakes, the snow shovel, the digging shovel. Two of the beds. A dresser. A bookshelf.

Moving is a perfect opportunity to consider the need for every single possession.

Entry Remodel

Here’s what it looked like before:


1936 light fixture. Also you can see the 1972 era wallpaper and where I started painting the ceiling.


New light and a fresh coat of paint on ceiling and walls.


Here you can see the peeling wallpaper and the light switch which was originally black, but had been painted over.


Fresh paint and new light switch.


Cracked plaster on the east wall.


I filled in the cracks and left the uneven texture. I gave everything a coat of paint and added the borrowed furniture you see.

The painters have started on the outside. The house will be ready for market soon.