Master Bedroom

The master bedroom (aka Patrick’s bedroom) remodel is complete. This involved painting the walls, ceilings, closet and having new carpet installed. The furniture is the same, but there are many decorative items that have been borrowed from friends and family on display. And just a few that were purchased at a discount.


The bed and end tables.
Here is a long view of the room.

Here is a long view of the room.

The closet door.

The closet door.

The very large closet. And yes, that is the brick from the fireplace at the end.

The very large closet. And yes, that is the brick from the fireplace at the end.

Decorative shelves on the north wall.

Decorative shelves on the north wall.

Decorative shelves on the east wall. These have been in the house since before I bought it.

Decorative shelves on the east wall. These have been in the house since before I bought it.

I’m quite please with how it all has turned out. I wish I could take you all on a real house tour.



Spring Break Trip


During my youngest son’s spring break, I took a rest from the never ending home remodel “To-Do” list and went on a college tour with him. We visited colleges in 3 states, had a bunch of fun.


Michael at Point Park in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Best of all–the college tour ended just 2 hours away from where my granddaughter lives–so we went to visit her and her folks for a couple days!


Grandma Zee and Norah.

Next post….back to the home stretch of the remodel.

What Does A Minimalist Wear to the Hospice Gala?

The same thing that she wears to other formal occasions, with different accessories.

The classic black dress.


Party Girl!

I wear this dress to weddings, funerals, any occasion that requires I be more dressed up that my usual day to day. Since I only have a couple events like this per year, nobody notices that I am wearing the same thing. I am particularly fond of this black dress due to its classic and flattering cut, it is washable and it has pockets! I love the pockets. I put my Gala ticket in one and my keys in the other. The sandals are mine. The necklace is borrowed. The hairstyle and earrings are what I wear every day.

Bathroom Done!

View from the bedroom

View from the bedroom


The wall tiles are 8″ x 12″. You can see part of the glass wall to the right.


2″ tiles on the shower floor


These are the floor tiles, they are 12″ x 12″. Same pattern.


The cleaned and refurbished toilet. The paper holder, towel holders, faucet and shower fixtures are all brushed silver. The towels were ones that middle son had returned from college.


Here you can see through the glass wall. Up above on the left is the bar that holds the wall secure. I guess you could throw wet towels over it to dry.

It is definitely an improvement. What did all this cost? Here’s a breakdown:

Tile:            $655.54

Fixtures:    $297.85

Paint:          $ 75.88

Misc:            $ 14.26

Vanity:        $319.00

Glass door: $987.34

Labor:        $5,025.00

Total:         $7,374.87

Was it worth it? Well, only the sale price of the house will tell the story. But with the complete gutting and redo of the bath and the master bedroom, I will advertise the house as having a completely redone master suite.

The kids are pleased with the new bath, though no one has used the new shower yet. (I did test the water to make sure the hot water was strong enough, per a request from middle son, away at school.)

The Kitchen is Complete

This project took a looong time. Years. About 5 years ago, I reconfigured the kitchen to fit the way I live and cook: no upper cabinets, a small  under counter fridge. A gas stove/oven. There was no dishwasher, as I prefer to wash them by hand.

When I decided to sell the house, I knew my lack of a dishwasher and half fridge would hurt my ability to sell. So I bought a dishwasher (on sale for $480) and a smallish traditional fridge (on sale for $548) and had them installed. I painted everything, including the trim around the windows, which was the one thing from the original remodel that I had never gotten to. I installed some shelves for dishes. Here are the results.


I love the white on white of these


desk with file and office supply drawers to left


gas stove and vent


new fridge and pantry

The dishwasher was installed in the spot where my half fridge used to be.


I’m still washing dishes by hand, as I prefer that way.


Bathroom Remodel Day 5 & Day 6

At the end of day 5, I had cut in to trashcan sized pieces the old shower stall and had removed the toilet (saved, to re-install after cleaning it up) and the vanity, which was given to one of the workmen who admired it.


Workman? You say. Yes. I have so much to do before May 1st, and I knew that I was going to hire our some of it, like the plumbing and the asbestos removal. I got a couple quotes on having someone else do the tile and I decided it was worth it. Boy! They work so much faster than I do. At the end of day 6, the cement board was up and the plumbing ready for the tile guy.


The workman also moved the window up, so as not to cut off the top of the curve of the outside arch.


I’m quite pleased with the progress. And now that I have helpers, it should move much faster now. Yeah!

Bathroom Remodel: Day 4

As you recall, this project is sort of stalled while middle son is home for winter break and using the sink and toilet. We have busied ourselves with decluttering. I did get another day of work done by taking the fiberglass shower wall pieces here

2015-12-27 11.24.16-1and cut them into pieces that I can put into my trash can.

2016-01-10 11.18.04

It took a lot more time and muscle that I expected, so I bought some new tools.

2015-12-27 14.19.12

Even with the powerful reticulating saw, it took several charges of the lithium batteries to cut through all that fiberglass. While I was waiting for the batteries to charge, I filled in holes in the drywall in my son’s bedroom.

Daughter Declutter Project

And here I thought I wasn’t going to get much work done while the kids are home. Ha! Everybody is in decluttering mode. Lucky me!

Beloved daughter went through her stuff (something she does almost every time she is home) and found the following items to release to the universe.

2015-12-30 16.12.32

There were a few things that did not make it into the photo: a pair of boots, some books.

And yes, that is her confirmation dress hanging off the drawer handle. And yes, I did sew it for her according to her design.

But I am not a sentimental person, and the dress has served its function. Beloved daughter can’t wear it and some little girl, whose mother shops at Goodwill, will put it in her dress-up box and she can play princess or bride or “I’m going to the prom” all day long, until the thing is in tatters and that will make me more happy than for it to grow moldy in a closet.



Middle Son Decluttering Project

I have informed my children of my plans to sell the house this summer. They are in agreement, no one seems too sad about it. Middle son plans to be overseas this summer when the house selling occurs. Because I do not want to have more work than absolutely necessary, I asked him to go through his boxes of stuff, to make sure I did not move twice something that he was just going to get rid of once it made it to it’s final destination. Hoo Boy! What a great idea that was. He and I spent 5 hours, going through his stuff. Here are the items he wanted to go to Goodwill:

2015-12-22 15.25.51

And here’s what he wanted to keep:

2015-12-27 08.17.34.jpg

You can’t see it in the photo, but the boxes are all labeled with his name, making the move easier.

Bathroom Remodel: Day 3

I haven’t been posting much…because I have been working a lot at my day job..and then working on the bathroom. So, having completed the 24th hour of this project, I have photos.

The peel and stick tile left so much sticky on floor that middle son says they were exfoliating to bottom of his feet. He laid down cardboard.

Removed the bottom of the drywall. You can see the subfloor.

Mostly this last day of bathroom work was less dramatic. Cleaning up the edges, the bottom, the mess.

2015-12-22 18.30.21

Subfloor at the head of the shower.

The peel and stick tile left so much sticky on floor that middle son says it was exfoliating the bottom of his feet. He laid down cardboard.

The peel and stick tile left so much sticky on floor that middle son says it was exfoliating the bottom of his feet. He laid down cardboard.

So then end of day 3 is not so dramatic as the end of the first 2 days.

And now the project is (mostly) on hold while my winter visitors are present. Next post: a HUGE decluttering project with middle son.